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Miranda Veil

As long as i can remember, i always wanted to go on a road trip along the desert highways of America. Imagine seeing all that beautiful scenery, with old diners, and gas stations along the highway, that looks exactly like the old days. Locations that have remained the same, and the few people who live in smaller towns, go on with their ordinary day life. Just imagine having that slice of lemon pie, and a coffee, while watching the dusty highway outside. One of the reasons why i always wanted to go to the desert highways, started back in 1987 when i was 10 years old. This was the first time i saw the serial killer action thriller The Hitcher, from legendary director Robert Harmon ( who later in 1993 directed the Jean-Claude Van Damme film Nowhere To Run ). The Hitcher tells the story of  Jim Halsey ( C. Thomas Howell ), a young man delivering a car from Chicago to San Diego. On the West Texas desert highway, he picks up a hitcher named John Ryder ( Rutger Hauer ), who seems a bit odd. Jim is about to find out, that John is a serial killer, and this ride will never be the same again. The Hitcher is one of the true desert thriller classics, with fantastic scenery and really good characters. Legendary actor Rutger Hauer is brilliant as serial killer John Ryder. So why did The Hitcher help my interest of the American desert highways? Maybe it´s the atmosphere that this film manage to capture, through the desert locations, that inspired my curiousity to experience what it would be like to actually travel down those highways. Either way, The Hitcher will always be one of the greatest serial killer films in the desert, that everyone should see. Since i am a fan of films taking place in desert areas, and especially films with a killer running loose, i came across an independent film called Miranda Veil. Not knowing much about the film, i decided to check this film out, just in case it might be better than i expexted. Is this one of the most fascinating independent films i have seen lately, or is Miranda Veil not as good as i was hoping for?

Soren ( Zach Steffrey ) are constantly hearing voices, telling him he needs to kill. He kidnaps his first female victim known as Miranda Veil ( Anabelle Barrett ), and eventually kills her. But as she wakes up later on, without any wounds, none of them knows what is going on. Why is Miranda still alive? Is there a reason to why she can´t die?

One of the first things that i noticed with Miranda Veil, is how good this film looks. The desert scenes match very well with the story, and they really managed to bring in a different touch on the serial killer genre, by using a unique twist to the plot. Since we usually get the basic serial killer wannabe films released these days, it is refreshing to see that someone dare to try a different approach in this genre. We have to talk about the lead characters Miranda Veil ( played by actress Annabel Barrett ) and Soren ( played by actor Zach Steffey ). I am surprised how well their chemistry is on screen. And their acting? I have to say i am impressed, since this is not the kind of acting you usually see in independent films, in this genre. Considering that a lot of independent films on a limited budget, are usually not focused on the acting, Miranda Veil proves that there are exceptions. And i am very happy to see that they actually focused on their characters, it makes them a lot more interesting. What about the violence? There are some brutal moments early in this film, but this film is more focused on the story, and i actually appreciate that. After the unexpected twist, this film tries to go in a completely different direction, and does not focus on the killer, but especially discuss how they will go on with their lives, going through such a shocking experience. I must clarify that this is not an ordinary thriller, so if you like traditional serial killer films, you won´t find it here with Miranda Veil. If you can accept that, i have a feeling you will appreciate the effort that they made to make this film pretty unique. Director Levin Garbisch have definetely tried to make a film that is hard to compare to other films in the serial killer genre, and i have to say he did a good job, trying to bring the audience a different kind of film experience. Miranda Veil may not be a future classic, but is definetely one of the most interesting independent films i have seen lately, for trying something completely different. I suggest that you check this film out with an open mind, and be prepared to be confused. Sometimes, we need a film that takes chances, and may not lay out all the answers. Miranda Veil definetely bring some interesting ideas to the table.

Rating: DDD

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