onsdag 18 augusti 2021

Night Crawl ( A Horror Short Film )

I am a big fan of horror short films. Sometimes, you can tell that there are some really good ideas being made from short films, that could actually become a full feature film. One of the things i think short films does well, is to tell a story that actually makes a big impact. Especially if you have a playtime in around 10 minutes, where you have to be able to tell an interesting story, a character that you can connect to, and have horror elements that match with the plot. A perfect example of a short film that worked really well, is the 2013 horror short film known as Lights Out ( that became a Hollywood film in 2016 ), from director David F. Sandberg. This turned out to be a very beloved short film worldwide, that tells the story of a woman ( played by actress Lotta Losten ) who see a human figure appear, everytime she turns of the light. When she turn the light on, no one is there. But as soon as she turn the light of again, the human shaped figure is still there. A very creepy idea, that worked really well. When this short film idea was made into a full feature film in 2016, the same director David F. Sandberg, managed to keep the creepy atmosphere, and build on the atmosphere from the short film. I was actually surprised over how well this full feature film turned out to be, and perhaps it is also thanks to the cast with actors such as Teresa Palmer, Mario Bello, Alicia Vela-Bailey and many more. You can also see actress Lotta Losten in this film, who was the lead character in the short film Lights Out. I suggest you both see the short film, and the full feature film of Lights Out, to see how you feel wich one you like most. I try and look at horror short films, when i come across something interesting. I usually don´t plan to review horror short films, since i am more focused on full feature films. But then i came across a horror short film called Night Crawl, that looked very interesting. A creature horror short film, how could i say no to that combination? Is this a must see for everyone this autumn, or is this not as good as i was hoping it would be?

Two inmates in prison, try and get out through a tunnel. But as one of the inmates get through the end of the tunnel, he is not prepared of what´s waiting out there.

You know when you get a feeling that you have come across something special? That´s exactly how i feel about Night Crawl, and i have to be honest. I love the idea behind this short film. With such a simple plot, and you are able to make such a great creature thrown in there as well, i have to applaud the effort that director Gregory Schultz have made with this short film. Not only does this short film look great, i love the creature design as well. Reminded me a little bit about the creatures in the British independent horror film The Young Cannibals, with some differences. The strength of Night Crawl, is that it works so well as a creature horror short film, with some simple but effective details. All the actors does a great job with their characters, and they all manage to make an impact with their characters, and that is not easy to do in a short film that´s 8 minutes long. I also really appreciate that director Gregory Schultz use a real prison set, it helps the location feel more realistic. I would love to see Night Crawl being made into a full feature film, since i feel that this short film have some very interesting ideas that could work well in a full length film, both for the well designed creatures, but also the prison location. A very interesting plot, and a very good short film. Night Crawl shows that we still have hope for directors who have a passion for old school horror films, where you use practical make up effects, instead of CGI effects. If you are a horror fan, you need to see Night Crawl. I think you will agree with me that we need a full feature film made out of the idea behind this short film, these creatures deserves to be seen on a big screen. Director Gregory Schultz is a director we need in the independent horror film indsutry, to get creature horror films back on track. Night Crawl have no problem delivering a story, that both looks really good, but also find a really good balance in the creature horror department.

Rating: DDDD

If you want to see the horror short film Night Crawl, you can see this film on the YouTube channel called ALTER, who focuses on short films in different categories. Just copy the link below:


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