söndag 1 juni 2014


If you never heard of the name Jake Gyllenhaal, you really need to drop everything you are doing, and go out and buy Donnie Darko, on dvd or blu ray, as long as you see it. A dark cinematic experience, very odd but still so well made, that you can not stop watching. Jake Gyllenhaal got so much fantastic reviews for his performance, his carreer was just about to explode. Ever since Donnie Darko, Jake continued choosing powerful motion pictures with interesting characters. Does anyone remember Zodiac ? A really good thriller about the Zodiac murders, directed by the very talented director David Fincher. Maybe you watched Prisoners last year in the cinema ? The same director, Denis Villeneuve, is also the director of Enemy. Here he choose to work with Jake Gyllenhaal again, who both worked together in Prisoners, and so far the critics have been very positive to this independent film. With the same director and lead actor working together again, is this another proof of how talented they both are as a team, or is this a let down since Prisoners was such a powerful experience ?

Adam Bell ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) is a college teacher in history . Every day he goes to work, later he goes home and have sex at night time. One day, while he is having a break, a colleague suggest he should rent a movie. The name of the movie is Where There's a Will There's a Way. Usually Adam never watch movies, but he decide to go rent it at a video store. As he watch the movie, he sees a man that looks just like him. He is shocked, and need to find information about who this actor is. He finds out that his acting name is Daniel St. Claire, but his real name is actually Anthony Claire ( Jake Gyllenhaal ). Adam can not stop thinking about this, how is it possible he looks just like this actor ? He decide to try and contact Anthony, as he manage to get his adress from a actor agency. As he calls to Anthony´s home, his wife Helen ( Sarah Gadon ). Helen belive this must be Anthony joking on the phone, because the voice sounds exactly the same as her husbands voice. Adam try to tell her, this is not her husband. Shocked and confused, she confronts her husband about this man calling. Anthony pick up the phone, as he think this must be a stalker. But soon he realise, that he and Adam have the same voice, so they decide to meet and try to figure out how this is possible. Once they meet, both of their lives are about to change, forever.

I am absolutely blown away. Enemy is the best motion picture i have seen for.....a long time. This is a very original motion picture with influences especially from mystery thrillers from the 70´s. The bizarre music, beautiful cinematography, Jake Gyllenhal does one of his best performances since Zodiac. I can not belive Enemy was not chosen to be screened all over Sweden, this proves why Svensk Filmindustri make some really bad choices sometimes. Original motion pictures is exactly what we need on a big screen, they don´t get a chance to find an audience. Director Denis Villeneuve directed one of the best movies of 2013, named Prisoners. Here he is back with a completely different genre, and a very stylish mystery motion picture. I would not say this is as good as Prisoners, but still i feel that Enemy is so original and powerful for us who enjoy independent films. This is not a film for everyone, there are some moments where some people might fall asleep. But, if you love intelligent storytelling with really good acting, this is something you will surely enjoy. Enemy shows that there is still hope for intelligent film making, and director Denis Villeneuve proves once again why he is such a great film maker. Support independent films, buy Enemy in your local video store.

Rating: DDDD

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