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Puncture Wounds ( A Certain Justice )

When i travel to different countries, and people find out that i am from Sweden, they think of Abba, Zlatan and Boy George having the norwegian male stripper in handcuffs. The fact is that we have many great personalities in Sweden.

But for those who say Ingmar Bergman is out greatest Icon, let me say this.

We only have one who will always be Swedens number 1 star, and he is Dolph Lundgren.

Ever since i was a little kid, i watched Dolph kick ass, every time he released another action movie on VHS tapes. There are so many classics, so counting them all would take a very long time. Even if one of the movies was bad, Dolph was always great, he can never be bad, because he is Dolph. Every year he release a straight to dvd action movie, some are good, a few are not so good, but i always try and see his latest releases, because he is Dolph, this is the closest to God we will ever get. Puncture Wounds is a new action film, directed by James Coyne and Giorgio Serafini, who both worked on different B movie productions in the past. Giorgio directed another action movie with Dolph Lundgren, called Ambushed. Is this another fun dvd release for the family dinner, or is this release something you should forget ?

John Nguyen ( Cung Le ) have returned home, after serving in Iraq. He constantly have flashbacks, and have a problem trying to fit in society from all that he have seen in war. One night outside his temporary apartment, a young woman, Tanya ( Briana Evigan ) is attacked by thugs. John save her, but Tanya warn him that he is now a dead man. John tries to leave this behind. The gang leader Hollis ( Dolph Lundgren ), who is both a pimp and make erotic movies, try and find out who killed most of the guys, but one survive. The survivor tell Hollis what the guy look like, as Hollis begin to look for him. Tanya have information also, so Hollis decide that Johns family must die, as revenge for what he did to his men. Johns family is burned alive, now John have only one thing on his mind, to revenge his family´s death.

Puncture Wounds is like going back to early Bolo Yeung martial art movies. There are lots of fight scenes, and many guns in motion. And to see Dolph Lundgren look like a mix of Axl Rose in the 90´s or even Mikkey Dee with longer hair, is really funny. He is both a pimp, and a porn manager who have no remorse. Vinnie Jones, ex football star, is here also. He does an ok performance. but nowhere as close as good in his earlier british motion pictures. Lead actor Cung Le is not a great actor, honestly, but he knows how to fight, and when he does, he hit hard with everything he can. From an action perspective, Puncture Wounds deliver a fun time, for us who grew up watching video violence from the 80´s and 90´s. The story is very thin, but thanks to the hard hitting action sequences, these scenes saves everything from falling completely down the drain. Having 2 directors working together is a fun idea, and you can tell they must have had different visions of how this movie should look. As always, Dolph is the biggest reason why you should see Puncture Wounds, no matter what character he does, he does it, only in a way he can do it. This is no classic, but it does not really matter. This is action made for martial arts fans, and i can see why Peter Settman would cheer having this in his dvd player.

Rating: DDD

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