torsdag 19 juni 2014

The Quiet Ones

Hammer films made a lot of classic british horror movies in the 60´s and in the 70´s. Christopher Lee have always been my favourite Dracula actor, and his version of the legendary character is splendid. I would not say that every Dracula movie made by Hammer Films was good, but they did know how to make horror movies look great on a limited budget. Suddenly in 1979 the company was bankrupt, because of economical problems. Hammer Films was shut down, and it seemed that the company was gone for good. Then 28 years later in 2007, Hammer Films returned to begin making horror movies again. The first feauture film to be made was named Wake Wood ( a good horror film, made in an old school way ). The company was behind the release of the horror film Let Me In, an american version of the swedish movie Låt Den Rätte Komma In. I actually really enjoyed the american version, but i would still say that the swedish version is more powerful. Maybe you watched Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman In Black ? Another release from Hammer Films, that actually turned out quite good. So here we are, one more horror release from the classic company. This time we have The Quiet Ones, said to be loosely based on true events, in the case of Philip experiement, that was made in 1972. Is this latest release from Hammer Films a treat for horror fans, or is this a failure compare to other productions from this legendary film company ?

In the 70´s, we find ourselves in Oxford, England. Professor Joseph Coupland ( Jared Hess ) show his students a video, containing a young boy, who is said to be possessed. Joseph is very interested in supernatural events and paranormal activities, so he decide to gather one of his students, Brian McNeil ( Sam Claflin ), with his two assistants , Krissi ( Erin Richards ) and Harry ( Rory Fleck-Byrne ) to do a paranomal investigation, on a girl named Jane Harper ( Olivia Cooke ). They all travel to an isolated house in the countryside., where the sessions can begin. Brian is fascinated about Olivia´s story, but he realise she can not be trusted. Joseph try to find out more details about Olivia, as the sessions continue. But for each day, as they dig deeper into Olivia´s mind, the real truth is about to unfold.

Does anyone remember the motion picture Session 9 ? Throw in some influences from Fragile, with the look of the 70´s, and you have The Quiet Ones. This so called loosely based on a true story, have potential. The problem is, this is not very scary. There are some scenes that look good, and the sound engineers have done an excellent job. But the scenes that are supposed to be frightening, feel way too simple. There is so much talking, and way too many slow filmed scenes trying to scare the audience. I like the idea that director John Pogue have tried to capture on the session scenes, but in the end The Quiet Ones is not an effective horror film. I was actually looking forward to The Quiet Ones, when the trailer was released. Now, after seeing the whole motion picture, i feel dissapointed. Not a bad horror release, just simply boring.

Rating: DD

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