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Monsters fighting other monsters, what could be more fun than that ? Godzilla is without a doubt one of the biggest legends of cinema monster characters, that many generations have enjoyed worldwide. You might think that every Godzilla movie is only about monsters fighting, that is wrong. Godzilla is actually a monster who don´t attack, unless he needs to. There are so many Godzilla movies, some are good, some are not so good, and then we have Godzilla, made in 1998. When director Roland Emmerich took on this legend to the big screen, fans were furious and not happy about the results. With some really bad acting, and some lame special effects, Godzilla in the 90´s did not leave any positive reactions. For many years we heard rumours about a new movie adaption, but after many ideas and directors interested in doing their own adaption, nothing happened. So, after a long journey, director Gareth Edwards, who directed the horror movie Monsters ( praised by both critics and fans ), jumped on board and decided to bring Godzilla back on to a big screen. Considering the pressure he must have had, since last time was such a big mess, he must have realised that fans wanted to see Godzilla back, bigger and more bad ass than ever. Is the new Godzilla just what we wanted him to be, or is this another one that should be drained down your toilet ?

In the year 1954, the United States test atomic bombs when a large creature surface from the ocean. In 1999, Project Monarch scientists Ishiro Serizawa ( Ken Watanabe ) and Vivienne Graham ( Sally Hawkins ) are both on an investigation, to find out answers to a colossal skeleton, in a collapsed mine in the Philippines. The team find two egg-shaped pods, and it seems one is open, leaving a trail into the ocean. In Japan, at the Janjira nuclear plant, a lot of strange seismic activites is happening. Nuclear plant supervisor Joe Brody ( Bryan Cranston ) send his wife Sandra Brody ( Juliette Binoche ) with a team, to investigate what just happened. But something goes terribly wrong, an explosion occurs, that could leak out radiation to the outside . Sandra beg Joe to close the door, even if she dies, he will save people on the streets. 15 years later, Ford Brody ( Aaron Taylor-Johnson ), is a United States Navy bomb disopsal officer, who visits his father Joe. He can tell that his father will not stop his investigation of what is going on in the Janjira nuclear plant. Joe manage to get Ford to help him, find answers, but they are both arrested and taken inside the Janjira plant. It seems that they have hidden their secrets for all these years, including that they have a colossal winged creature, who manage to escape. Joe is killed, and Ford need to find a way to survive. Finally the truth is out there, but that is not all, Ford is informed another beast is out there, named Godzilla, an ancient alpha predator. But it seems that this creature Godzilla is not attacking the humans, he seems to want to defeat the winged creature. Where does this beast come from, and what is his history ?

Hey kids, i have some great news for you!

Godzilla is back, and just the way we hoped for. This means more cool special effects, epic battle scenes, and much better acting than last time. In fact, some special effects look so great i smiled like a kid on christmas eve. As an example, the San Fransisco scene, talk about a ride you will never forget. Director Gareth Edwards have really tried to bring us a bigger and more powerful story of Godzilla, but he also tries to tell a very emotionally story about human problems, and how we deal with them to go on with our lives. One of the actors that really give us a powerful performance in emotions is Bryan Cranston. I feel that this could be one of his best performances ever, but he have not very long screen time. Elisabeth Olsen is also very good here, she is amazingly talented who take on so many different characters in each motion picture she chooses. Lead actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson does alright, but i feel that he is not the right person to be a lead actor in such a big budget movie like this. Don´t worry though, he do deliver in some scenes, and show us why we should forget Matthew Broderick´s performance in the 1998 version. The ending is actually one of the highlights of Godzilla, you will have to see it yourself to see if you agree. Godzilla have been gone for so long, it was the right time to bring him back. This is a cinema experience for all ages, especially in 3D. Nothing more is needed to be said, run to your nearest cinema and have a great time.

Rating: DDDD

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