fredag 25 juli 2014

Dead Snow: Red vs.Dead ( Död Snö 2 )

When i think of Norway, i mostly think about 17th of may. The norwegians national day is a feast day, that last for many days ahead. If you thought english tourists could party hard in Spain, just wait and see what norwegians will do. Of course we should not forget one of Norway´s biggest pop bands Aha, who probably had more sex than any other band on tour. I have been to Norway and visited different cities. Even if the country is expensive as hell, you can tell that the norwegians must be loaded with Viagra, nothing can make them angry, always happy. If you compare Norway and Sweden, i would say Norway have made some better motion pictures in the past. I enjoyed Elling, a comedy about a mentally ill man, who tries to adjust living in the city. There are some other titles, that comes to mind. But let´s talk about Dead Snow. Released in 2009, a splatter horror comedy about nazi zombies coming back to life, was a great proof how good norwegian director Tommy Wirkola, managed to find a great combination. Dead Snow became a small hit around the world, where many people found it entertaining on dvd. Tommy later on went to America, to direct a bigger budget film, known as Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters. Panned by almost all critics, this became a box office hit, and this could have opened new doors for Tommy Wirkola. So what does he do ? He goes back to Norway to do a sequel on Dead Snow. I think this shows that he is not afraid to work on smaller films, and still develope his work. Dead Snow: Red vs.Dead is the sequel to the cult movie, that so many of us loved. Is this sequel perhaps better than the original first motion picture, or is this a waste of your time ?

Martin Hykkerud ( Vegar Hoel ) survived from nazi zombies, and managed to escape the zombie army. But since he is in such bad health, he crash a car. As he wakes up in a hospital, he finds out that his arm, that he lost in battle with nazi zombies, have been put back to where it belongs. But what the doctors don´t know, is that they picked the wrong arm. This is the arm óf nazi zombie general Herzog ( Örjam Gamst ), who also lost his arm. Martin notice that his new arm can sometimes control itself, so he accidently murder some hospital workers, including a young boy named Bobby ( Carl-Magnus Adder ). Before Bobby was killed, he took a picture of Martin´s arm, and send it to the Zombie Squad in America. The Zombie Squad prepare themselves to travel to Norway, to stop the nazi zombies. Herzog have a plan to make a bigger army, so he tries to wake more dead people up, but his special powers don´t work as planned. But he make it work, eventually and prepare his new army for war. The Zombie Squad, with the members Daniel ( Martin Starr ), Monica ( Jocelyn DeBoer ) and Blake ( Ingrid Haas ), land in Norway, are ready to find weapons. Meanwhile Martin is trying to find out what the nazi army is looking for. He locate a museum with old objects from the 2nd world war preserved. Seems that Hertzog and his army need to finish something, they should have done in the second world war. By accident, Martin find out he can wake the dead, thanks to the arm of Hertzog. The Zombie Squad have an idea, if Martin can bring back people to life again, and stop Herzogs army. To defeat the nazi army, they need help from the dead russian general Stavarin( Derek Mears ), and his 50 men. With Martins special arm, he can now bring back Stavarin back to life, to destroy the nazi zombie army.

Let me make this clear.

Norway i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can´t Sweden make such a great motion picture as Dead Snow: Red vs.Dead ? I have a feeling we will never find out. But there is actually one fantastic splatter comedy from Sweden, called Evil Ed. It may not be very well made, compared to Dead Snow 2, but from a Swedish perspective i still feel it is one of the best swedish films ever made. So what make this sequel so good ? Everything.....there is much more splatter, body parts flying, flesh wounds, and the budget is bigger. Normally i would not say a bigger budget makes a film better, but in this case you can tell director Tommy Wirkola have managed to get more massive splatter scenes, bigger fight scenes, and of course more weapons included. The acting have improved, as well as the dialogue. I am quite shocked to be honest, that a sequel could be so much better than the first film. Don´t get me wrong, i enjoyed Dead Snow, for different reasons, but this sequel manage to get much more of everything we could have hoped for. Dead Snow 2 is one of the funniest splatter movies made in many years, i can´t believe Sweden did not show this one in every city at cinemas. Director Tommy Wirkola is without a doubt the greatest Scandinavian director at this time, no one makes motion pictures in this quality like Wirkola does. You can buy the blu ray or dvd from Norway, with subtitles, that is where i bought myself a copy. Dead Snow 2 is so much fun i have to watch it again, at least 8 times, just to make sure i erase the memories of bad swedish movies. Norway is the future of Scandinavian motion pictures, you can´t go wrong with nazi zombies and crazy armed norwegians. See and learn Colin Nutley, or i will have to kick you in the nuts.

Rating: DDDD

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