torsdag 31 juli 2014

Ninja Apocalypse

The 80´s had so many funny B movies made, from absolutely no budget at all. The actors were terrible, but what made these films so much fun was all the action scenes. There was no CGI or computer effects, so they had to create everything themselves. Computer effects started coming in the early 90´s, but still we had some great films made, like Nemesis. Now this is one of the greatest action films by director Albert Pyun. Remember his classic motion picture Cyborg from 1989 ? Cyborg may not have been a worldwide blockbuster, but the mix of a cyborg future and martial arts sequences worked out well. The 90´s continued to treat us with similar classics, like American Cyborg: Steel Warrior, directed by Boaz Davidson. B action films are still being made, but the film industry have changed. There are not many companies left who are prepared to sponsor to films in this genre, so in many productions people have to spend their own money for these films to be made. Thankfully we have Kickstarter and many other funding sites to help films being made. Scott Adkins is thankfully one actor who try and make sure martial arts films are still around, and we need to keep them coming, so support these films in any way you can. Ninja Apocalypse ( such a wonderful title, makes me think of church on sundays ), is a new action film, that seems to be a mix of everything, ninjas, zombies and laser powers, the perfect combination for your sisters school graduation. Director Lloyd Lee Barnett is mostly known as an lead compositor in Avatar, The Lords Of The Rings, Rocky Balboa and many more titles. This is his second feature film as an director, and i have not seen hist first motion picture called I Love You To Death. With his first try on the B action genre, is Ninja Apocalypse as much fun as i hoped, or is this a disaster we should forget ?

The Lost Ninja Clan, with the leader Cage ( Christian Oliver ) is accused for killing the Grandmaster Fumitaka ( Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ). Before this happened there was a meeting, with Grandmaster Fumitaka, he ordered every clan to work together, to stop the evil from a kingdom, who want to destroy the world. But when Fumitaka is murdered, all clans belive that The Lost Ninja Clan is guilty, and attack them. The Lost Ninja Clan manage to get away for the moment, but now they are trapped, deep underground inside the compound of Grandmaster Fumitaka´s empire. All the clans that came to support Fumitaka´s vision, have now turned themselves against The Lost Ninja Clan. They must be killed. Cage and his clan members must try and survive, and find out who really killed Fumitaka.

If you hate B movies, that include fight scenes with ninjas, zombies and cheesy special effects, then Ninja Apocalypse will be your worst nightmare. On the other hand, if you love the music of Miss Li, then you will guaranteed love Ninja Apocalypse. Why bring Miss Li into this review ? She makes many happy songs, so when you watch Ninja Apocalypse you feel happy, just like you are listening to Miss Li. We have it all here, ninja fights, with lots of weapons, and dialogue most likely written by a nerd guy who loves to stroke the salami to magazines. The special effects are sometimes so bad that you laugh, and still i enjoy the ideas that director Lloyd Lee Barnet tries to make visible. I can´t say i enjoyed the acting really, but in a film like this, the acting is not the biggest important details. The fights are more important, and we get a lot of them, in many different styles. When zombies start attacking it all becomes so funny, that i actually find myself enjoying Zombie Apocalypse for what it is, a cheesy martial arts action film with something for all ages. I mentioned the special effects earlier ? Well, you can tell that the budget is limited, when they have to make CGI blood instead of fake blood, and that is a shame. It would have looked better if they chopped some body part off and make it look more real. Apart from this i would say that Ninja Apocalypse is a fun ride, and even if it does not deliver anything fresh to the genre, it does bring nostalgia back. Since it is almost weekend, i feel like becoming a ninja and kill some zombies in Granloholm, anyone want to join me ?

Rating: DDD

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