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X-Men: Days Of Future Past

By now, most of you must have seen at least one of the X-Men motion picture adaptions from the famous comic books. What make X-Men so special, is that there are so many characters to choose between, and so far every sequel have tried to bring in some new characters. Ever since the first motion picture came out in 2000, fans have rushed to the cinema to see their favourite characters come to life. One of the most loved characters is without a doubt Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman. His portrait of Wolverine proved to be a steady card, and he really found a way to show us how much pain Wolverine have gone through. For each film, we got a chance to see many other characters, on their journey to be respected as mutants in society. Another character that felt very imported, is Charles Xavier ( Patrick Stewart ). Since his career in Star Trek, he always seemed to fit the sci fi genre, and with him in the cast of X-Men, it turned out to be the best choice. We could go on and talk about all the characters, but let us continue instead. In 2011, director Matthew Vaughn took the chance to direct a different chapter of the X-Men series, telling the story of how these mutants developed themselves, and learned to control their powers in a young age. I personally think that First Class gave us just what we needed, a more detailed and powerful X-Men film, on a different level than before. With a deeper story, and also with a brand new cast, director Matthew Vaughn managed to find a great balance between the storyline and the action sequences. So here we are, with the next chapter of X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Director Bryan Singer, who directed the first X-Men and X-Men 2 is back in the saddle. Considering how much i enjoyed the first 2 movies, is Bryan back with another powerful chapter, or should he have left this in the hands of another director ?

In the future, mutants are being exterminated by robots called Sentinels. Any human that interfere with the Sentinels killing mutants, will also be murdered. But Kitty Pryde ( Ellen Page ) is fighting against these Sentinels, with the help of other mutants. Kitty have the power to project a person's consciousness into the past to deliver warnings. Mystique is said planning to assassinate Bolivar Trask ( Peter Dinklage ), creator of Sentinels. But with the help of Kitty, she can send Wolverine´s ( Hugh Jackman ) consciousness to 1973, to stop Mystique from the assassination. Wolverine wakes up in 1973, inside the X-Mansion. He meets Xavier ( James McAvoy ) and Beast ( Nicholas Hoult ) .The institute of gifted youngsters are closed, since most of the students and teachers were drafted to Vietnam. Wolverine tell  Xavier that he needs his help, to get Magneto ( Michael Fassbender ) out of prison beneath the Pentagon. He is suspected for killing of John F. Kennedy. Magneto manage to escape, thanks to mutant Peter Maximoff ( Evan Peters ).  Trask tries to convince Congress in Washington D.C. about his robot project Sentinels, to get support of his project. But Congress disagree and does not want to help his project. Meanwhile Mystique find out in Trasks office, that he have been capturing mutants, to use them through experiments. Wolverine, Xavier, Magneto and Storm ( Hale Berry ) travel to Paris to try and locate Mystique, to stop her from killing Trask. They succeed, but Mystique escape, as well as Magneto. Since the world is becoming afraid of mutants, president Richard Nixon give Trask permission to work on his Sentinel robots. If Trask complete all his plans, no one will survive. The team of Xavier prepare themselves to finish the Sentinels, and to stop Magneto from using the Sentinels to destroy everything in their way.

I did not know if Bryan Singer would manage to do another X-Men worthy some of the sequels. But after watching X-Men: Days Of Future Past, i can honestly say, this is the best film of the series so far. There are so many details that are improved. The acting is top quality, the special effects are in some scenes mind blowing, and the storyline feels very interesting. Bryan Singer proves once again, why he is such a briliant director, both visually, but also in his way to tell the story of mutants. Jennifer Lawrence show us how fantastic she is as Mystique, it seems like she can do anything from an acting perspective. As usual, Ian McKellen makes Magneto shine with his screen presence, such a legend and very professional. I would say that Michael Fassbender as the young Magneto is the perfect choice, he feels very natural in his character. Hugh Jackman is as always really good as Wolverine, no one could replace him, he simply sweep the floor every time he is seen doing action sequences. You might have heard about the scandals lately about director Bryan Singer, i would advice you to focus on this motion picture instead. As a director, he have proved to us many times that he is very skilled, and knows how to tell a powerful story. X-Men: Days Of Future Past is the strongest film in the series so far, and if you love comic book movie adaptions, you are in for a real treat. Just look at the scene when a whole stadium flies in the air, simply outstanding special effects. If you love X-Men, then you will not be dissapointed. Days Of Future Past is not only a really good action film, it also deliver so much great acting from all corners, as the mutants try and adjust into this world. Buy a ticket today, there is no doubt why you should not see this one.

Rating: DDDD

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