torsdag 31 juli 2014

Tomorrow on Daniels Super Sexy Movie Reviews.....i have a special surprise.....:)

The summer is not over yet, so we need some real summer feelings.

And guess what....tomorrow i am giving you people a summer feeling, that feels so nice,
you wont be able to sleep.

Let us hink for a moment, what should every summer include ? I have a list.

1. Chainsaw
2. Sharks
3. Tornados
4. Amazing actors
5. A title that gives you a hard on.

Ok, sounds good. So what could possibly fill all these ingredients in one film ?

Yes indeed, if you guessed right, the answer is Sharknado 2 - The Second One.

I am writing a review on this summers biggest hyped film, to see what i personally think.
I did a review on the first film, so it is time we take a look at the sequel.

So check in tomorrow and see if i posted a review, it will be posted guaranteed.
Thanks for reading my reviews, i hope to see you all soon.

Cheers from Daniel.

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