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Bad Words

Most of you probably heard the name Jason Bateman at some point. Not sure ? What if i said he is in a lot of great comedies, like Paul, Horrible Bosses, The Change-Up and many more ? Jason Bateman have done a lot of comedies in his career so far, and since he is a talented comedian, i have a feeling he will continue to deliver different characters on screen. He did a more dramatic role in Up In The Air, with George Clooney in 2009, so he tries to find new ways to develope himself. There is a film called Disconnect, that is said to be good with Jason and Stellan Skarsgård, among others, that is very different from his earlier work. I will have to check this one out. Bad Words is a comedy, directed by Jason Bateman, and he is also the lead actor in here. When i read that this was a comedy, set on Spelling Bee competitions, i found that to be quite original. In fact, how many motion pictures have ever been made with Spelling bee competitions ? I can not think of one title at this moment, so that is interesting. Not knowing much about the rest of the plot, i had to take a look to see if Jason Bateman have managed to deliver, both as the director and the lead character. Is Bad Words the comedy we needed to see, or is this one you should skip ?

A 44 year old man, Guy Trilby ( Jason Bateman ) is competing in Spelling Bee competitions for kids. He finds a loop hole in the Golden Quill Spelling Bee contest, where it says that stipulates that participants must have not graduated from the eighth grade. He never graduated eighth grade, so the rule allow him to be in the competition. At the same hotel he is staying at, a young boy named Chaitanya Chopra ( Rohan Chand ) , who also is in the competition, is very fond of Guy and want to be his friend. Guy see Chaitanya as very annoying, and he is not the father figure. But eventually he let Chaitanya come along, to teach him some rules about the adult world. Jenny Widgeon ( Kathryn Hahn ) is a journalist, who follows Guy in his development within the Spelling Bee competition, as well as sleep with him, even though he is an asshole. Guy is planning to take the Golden Quill Spelling Bee top spot, even though Chaitanya is also in the competition. But during their journey, Guy is not not ready for everything that is about to come.

If you love dark comedy with vulgar language, made in an intelligent way, i can guarantee you will love Bad Words. Jason Bateman delivers both as the director and lead actor, in this crazy story about Spelling Bee competitions for children. Jason give you a character with minimal emotions, who only care about himself. I think this is one reason why Bad Words is such a funny comedy motion picture. He simply don´t give a shit about anything, or anyone, as long as he is always a winner. Since a lot of american comedies released don´t have much to say or give the audience, i have to say Bad Words is a fresh breeze in the genre. The dark comedy that give this story such a nice taste, shows you that adults can be assholes towards kids, when you think they should be mature and be a role model. I don´t think everything is fantastic about Bad Words, but still i would say this is one of the funniest characters that Jason Bateman have done on screen within these years. I love the kid Chaitanya Chopra, played by child actor Rohan Chand. His chemistry with Jason Bateman is really funny, and they match great in some really funny scenes. Bad Words is a comedy that should have been screened in more countries, that never happened. So i hope that people will instead rent or buy the dvd, to support a great comedy that have a lot of important things to say. Bad Words ? I would call them complicated words, at least at the Spelling Bee competitions, but this film is definetely a winner.

Rating: DDD

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