fredag 8 augusti 2014


Every month i try and take a look around on what new films i should check out. Sometimes, i plan to see some titles, but end up seeing them very late. There are several reasons why this happens, but eventually i try and watch the titles that i feel interested in. Her, a film by director Spike Jonze, have been out for quite a while. I was supposed to see Her in cinemas this spring, but for some reason it never happened. Now when it´s out on dvd and blu ray, i decided to take the chance to see if Her is as original as some people have said. Joaquin Phoenix is an actor who have tried going in many directíons as an actor. Did anyone of you see I´m Still Here ? We should not forget The Master, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The same director of I´m Still Here, is back with his next motion picture Her, working with Joaquin Phoenix again. This time they both give us a very different story than last time, with a drama film, taking on the subject of falling in love with an object, or in this case in a computer personality. Winner of several awards, and nominated in many film festivals worldwide, Her have become a praised motion picture. With such a talented actor and director, is Her a classic, or is the hype way too big ?

Theodore Twombly ( Joaquin Phoenix ) is a very lonely man, working with writing intimate letters online for different people. He tries to go on with life, after his impending divorce with Catherine ( Rooney Mara ), but have a hard time to move on. Feeling very down, and not pleased about his life, Theodore buy an operating system with artificial intelligence. He want the OS to have a female voice, and she ( Scarlett Johansson ) name herself Samantha. As Theodore begin to get to know Samantha, he is surprised how much she is developing, as if she is a personality and learn new ways to become almost like a real woman. Theodore is happier than ever, he tell his best friend Amy ( Amy Adams ) about Samantha, and she is very happy for him. But when his ex wife Catherine find out Theodore is in love with a operating system, she feel that there must be something wrong with him. Theodore try not to listen to other people´s opinion, but as the relationship goes on, is this real love between 2 people or is this something that is not real ?

I have been hearing so much positive reactions on Her, i had to try and leave that behind while watching Her, to see if i would feel a connection. This is not the typical main stream motion picture, for a wider audience. In fact, Her reminds me of the independent formula. And this is the reason why director Spike Jonze manage to put the pieces together. This is not a typical love film, since this is really about that you can fall in love with objects, and not in humans. As an example, i have seen a man who in real life, is in love with his car, and have sex with it. Sounds weird ? Yes indeed, i would never try it, i promise. The thing is that Her does not try to convince you, that it is ok to fall in love with objects. Instead, this is just a way to show that love have no limits. Personally, i would say, if you love your fridge, and have sex with it, is fine with me. Everyone should be able to choose what is ok with you. This is one detail i think Spike Jonze does so well with Her, he simply show us that it is ok to be different, as long as you are happy with your choice. Joaquin Phoenix is an amazing actor, and in Her he really shows his talent, to become such an odd personality. Scarlett Johansson as the computer voice of Samantha does a really good job to make her character feel alive, when she is in fact just a computer voice. The conversations between Theodore and Samatha feel natural, yet very strange when you hear they have sex between each other. But it is interesting to see a different approach on how love can be, in a different way. Even if i love some parts of Her, i feel that this is not the masterpiece some movie critics have claimed it is. Maybe i feel that there are so many scenes of discussions, that are well made, but very drawn out. Still, i feel that Her is an interesting view on emotions, that we don´t get to see very often. Are you tired of romantic motion pictures that feel like every other release from Cameron Diaz ? Then i suggest you check out Her, you might begin to think for a moment, if love have any limits. I am starting to think that there are no limits, as long as it feels natural for your own good.

Rating: DDD

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