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Transformers: Age Of Extinction

There are 2 kinds of people in this world. Those who hate Michael Bay motion pictures, and think he should not be allowed to make films. And then we have those who love his films, with hot chicks and lots of guns. I am somewhere in the middle, i enjoy some of his earlier films, while others are not so good. As a technical director, Michael Bay can make films look great, the biggest problem is when he tries to make something serious, he just can´t do that and we have seen some examples of that. Ever since Michael Bay decided to bring Transformers back to life, on the big screen, he made sure we get so much action, that not even Carl Jan Granqvist would fall asleep. Since every Transformers sequel so far have made lots of money at the box office, i was not surprised to hear that a 4th one was on the way. As we all know by now, Michael Bay will never leave this genre, so of course he would direct the next chapter. Transformers: Age Of Extinction is the latest sequel we have all ben waiting for, or is that really true ? I went to see the 3D version in the cinema, to get my own opinion of the results. With new lead actor Mark Wahlberg on board, instead of Shia LaBeouf as the previous films. Is Transformers 4 the action masterpiece that fans have dreamed about, or is this another sequel with nothing to offer but special effects ?

A geologist named Darcy Tyril ( Sophia Myles ) discovers something very unique. A dinosaur corpse, covered in metal. It has been 5 years since The Battle Of Chicago, and humans have finally accpepted Autobots, since they help humans in combat operations. The elite CIA unit known as Cemetery Wind, headed by paranoid agent Harold Attinger ( Kelsey Grammer ) and team leader James Savoy ( Titus Welliver ) are hunting down the remaining force of Decepticons. But somehow this team see the Autobots as a threat also, they ambush the Autobot Ratchet and kill him. The primary target was Optimus Prime, but plans changed along the way. Cade Yeager ( Mark Wahlber ), an inventor purchase on old truck to see if he can have any use of it. His young daughter Tessa Yeager ( Nicola Peltz ) thinks her dad did a big mistake. While repairing the truck, it turns into Optimus Prime, who is very injured. Cade decide to help fix all his injuries. The CIA unit Cementery Wind locate Optimus Prime at the farm of Cade. The unit attack their farm, but they manage to get away, thanks to Optimus Prime and Tessa´s secret boyfriend Shane Dyson ( Jack Reynor ). Optimus Prime realise that all the last remaining Autobots are in danger, so he contact the last survivors Bumblebee, Hound, Drift and Crosshais. Cade manage to find information, that Cemetery Wind is working with a corporation called KSI. It seems that KSI are trying to use the brain from dead Transformers and create a new species, made from half robot and half human. If they manage to succeed with these experiments, it would mean a worldwide disaster. Galvatron is now released, helping KSI to destroy the Autobots, but Optimus Prime and the remaining Autobots are ready to a final battle.

Between the past 3 Transformers films, we had some problems, and some positive changes. This time around, we have one big advantage. Mark Wahlberg is in the lead role, and that is a positive change. He may not give the Transformers franchise exactly what it needs, but let´s just say a change was needed. As usual when it comes to Michael Bay, he does what he knows best, throw in so much action sequences, that young boys are supposed to have orgasm in the theatre while watching this. In fact, when you throw in lots of special effects and explosions for 2 hours and 45 minutes, it is easy to get too much of everything. I am not complaining that this is a boring film, since you probably can´t ask for more action, because there is so much here it is almost over the top. But at some point for almost 3 hours, you feel that this could have been 2 hours only, and it would probably had enough action sequences to deliver to fans. I will admit some action sequences looks great, and there are moments where you can have some fun while robots begin their battles. But as fast as it is time to get serious, when Wahlberg talks to his daughter for some drama, it quickly falls apart. You see, Michael Bay should not make drama scenes, he can´t do that in a film like this. Maybe he will be better at this in a different kind of film in the future, but in Transformers we don´t want to see drama moments so cheesy, Andy Dick will most likely get a seizure. Transformers: Age Of Extinction have some fun moments, if you want to see massive action sequences. But as usual this is made way too big, and it becomes too much to handle. I still prefer the first Transformers motion picture, because it had a story, the sequels have become more of a special effects feast instead, just to show how much you can do with CGI. If you love Michael Bay, then you will most likely love this one, i would recommend you go and buy Battle Of The Damned with Dolph Lundgren instead, we get Dolph kicking zombie ass with robots, for a much smaller budget, and i had more fun watching that one than Transformers 4. What´s coming up next Michael Bay, how about you make a reboot of Catwoman ? Oh wait, everyone loved the 2004 film with Halle Berry....at least that is what i heard.

Rating: DD

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