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I Trapped The Devil

Horror movies are not as fun to watch today in Hollywood, as they used to be. Back in the 80´s there was a lot of fun releases, and even in the 90´s. But after the millenium, things changed to the worse. A lot of horror films made by bigger studios felt uninspired, too predictable. There are some great titles as well of course, but not as many as it should be. This is why independent horror films have turned out to make a lot more great releases over the years, and there are plenty of titles to choose between. Independent horror films does not rely on budget, they know how to tell stories and also combine interesting horror ideas. Let us go through two indpependent horror films i really enjoy. The 2009 independent horror film known as House Of The Devil, is directed by Ti West. This is a very well made horror film, that tells the story of college student Samantha ( well played by actress Jocelin Hughes ) who is struggling with her economy as a student, so she takes a job as a babysitter in an old house. What seems to be a normal house, turns out to be something completely else. House Of The Devil is a very well made throwback to the 60´s and 70´s horror films with satanic influences, and director Ti West knew exactly how to make this film for fans of this genre. Another film i came to think about is the 2014 film known as It Follows. A very creepy horror film from director David Robert Mitchell, where a supernatural entity will follow you and kill you, unless you find another victim to sacrifice to the entity. What makes It Follows so good, is that you get to see the entity shape into different bodies, and you never know where it will show up or who will be a victim. Worth a watch on Blu Ray or DVD, if you want to rent something good. I mentioned House Of The Devil earlier, and i recently got to hear about a film that got some really positive feedback called I Trapped The Devil. Being such a huge indenepent horror film like me, i had to check this film out on VOD. Is this one of the better horror releases this year, or did it turn out to be worse than i expected ?

In an old christmas decorated house, lives Steve ( Scott Poythress ) alone. He gets an unexpected visit from his brother Matt ( AJ Bowen ) and his wife Karen ( Susan Burke ). As they see how Steve is doing, they become worried. Steve seems to be very mentally unstable, and worst of all is that he actually believe he have trapped the Devil in his basement. Matt and Karen try to listen to what Steve is saying, but are not sure if they can believe him. Steve is convinced he is telling the truth. Could he be telling the truth, or is Steve having some very serious mental problems ?

Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A damn good horror film is here for everyone to enjoy. I Trapped The Devil is the best horror film i have watched so far this year, and i will explain why without giving away spoilers. First of all the atmosphere of this film feels so well constructed. The old house with the christmas lights, the colors of certain scenes, the cinematography is such a pleasure to watch and the acting in this film is really damn good. How often do you get all of this in a horror film these days ? This film reminds me of old school horror films of the 70´s and 80´s, but does not feel predictable. Let´s get into the acting for a bit. Actor Scott Poythress ( who you probably have seen in TV series Reckless ) as Steve, is absolutely brilliant. You ask yourself throughout the film, is he insane or is he actually telling the truth ? Scott manage to balance his character in such a powerful way, that you would want to know more about his background. We do get a small detail later in the film, that reveal something interesting. What about the rest of the cast ? There are 2 more characters that are connected with the main character. AJ Bowen ( remember him as Victor Ullman in House Of The Devil ? ) plays Steve´s brother Sam. He also manage to deliver a strong character, who is worried about his brother´s disturbing environment. Actress Susan Burke ( who i remember from independent horror anthology film Southbound ) also deliver a solid performance as Sam´s wife Karen. Since this film does not rely on any jump scares, it is more about the psychological perspective of character Steve, and you try to figure out what is really going on in this house. Director Josh Lobo have made a really interesting horror film, and i am shocked how good he have made his first directorial debut film. We really need this guy to make more horror films in the future, and we might be able to have quality horror films back on track. I Trapped The Devil is at this moment my favourite independent horror film of this year. This film will be released on DVD and Blu Ray in august, so make sure to support the film and buy a physical copy. Until then, enjoy this film on VOD and i guarantee you will be very pleased.

Rating: DDDD

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