torsdag 2 maj 2019

My Next Choice For My Segment, Is It Really That Bad ?

Cheers everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your May barbecues, running naked in the forest and listening to Sting Greatest Hits, this is a combination i do every May. Why ? I guess this is just a typical combination for happy Swedish people like me. So it has been fun doing my segment Is It Really That Bad? so far, and i watched 2 films that i was very divided about. So now this summer, it is time to choose my next pick for this segment. And i found a movie called Grendel ( also known as Beowulf, depending on titles in different countries ), released in 2007.

This is not the 2007 animated film from director Robert Zemeckis, just to make sure you are not confused.

I noticed that actor Chris Bruno is in this film, who you might remember as Sheriff Walt Bannerman in TV series The Twilight Zone. Grendel is a film that not many critics enjoyed, so it seems to be a perfect choice for my segment. I can´s say exactly when this review will be posted, but let´s guess around the end of June. More fresh movie reviews are on the way, so have a great weekend, and remember, Aaron Carter have never made a bad album ( anyone who says he have does not know quality music like i do ). See you soon movie lovers.

Cheers from Daniel !

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