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Politics can be very dramatic, fascinating and very boring as well. It all depends on what subjects you are listening too. I have listened to different debates between politicians, both here in Sweden and in other countries. And i have learned one important lesson, that in Ukraine they have a different approach to how you solve political problems. I have seen them fist fight in parlament, and i have to say, well done Ukraine. I would love to see Swedish politicians do this in our parlament. Why ? Because Swedish politicians are very boring, there is no action. That is why we would need a personality like Superstylisten Jonas ( a wonderful TV personality ) as a politician in Sweden. I have a feeling things would turn around in a much more positive way ( he might even make sure that everything sparkle more in parlament ). I enjoy listening to American politicians as well, especially Trump supporters who believe that frogs are gay because of chemicals in water. Do they actually believe this ? Yes, this has been confirmed, and i love these insane details and hope they say more crazy things. Ever since Trump became president, we have a lot of American politicians who are either against him or agree with him. And next year we will have to see if he will remain his position as president. If you hear the name Dick Cheney, what is your first reaction ? My first reaction is that he was the vice president of the United States from 2001 to 2009. That is a very long time, and he is seen as the least favored politicians in the history of U.S. I remember hearing Dick Cheney talk on different TV news shows, and seeing him on the George Bush campaign back in 2000. Last year i read in Empire Magazine about a film coming out, based on the life of former vice precident Dick Cheney. And when i saw that actor Christian Bale will be playing Dick Cheney, of course i was excited. Bale have delivered so many great films such as American Psycho, American Hustle and of course the 3 Batman movies he is in. Since i do not know much about Dick Cheney´s private Life, i was curious to see if this film called Vice would give us an interesting portrait of one of the least favored politicians of America. With a great cast and a well known director, is Vice exactly what we were hoping for, or is this a film no one will remember ?

Wyoming, 1963. Dick Cheney ( Christian Bale ) works as a lineman. Alcohol problems caused him to drop out of Yale University. One night he is driving drunk, and is stopped by a policeman and is arrested. His wife Lynne Cheney ( Amy Adams ) is fed up with his drinking problems, and demand that he needs to clean up his life. After working his way through, he finally get a turning point in 1969, as he gets to work as an intern in the White House during the Nixon Administration. As the 70´s arrive, Dick Cheney is about to go an a long journey into politics, that will affect both his life, but also politics in America. This will also give him an even bigger position in the White House. But is Dick Cheney ready for what the future will bring, or have he taken a position he can´t handle ?

If you make a biographical film on a famous politician, you need to have the right tone, mix serious topics and also be able to have some humour in there as well. And this is something Vice actually manage to do. Of course this is not a film for people who don´t like a lot of dialogue, but this is a very intelligent film that brings up some very important periods of vice president Dick Cheney´s life, even his younger years when alcohol caused some problems. Lead actor Christian Bale as Dick Cheney is really good, and he delivers a realistic portrait of Cheney. Let´s talk about some of the other cast members for a while. Actress Amy Adams ( who i really enjoyed in American Hustle and the sci fi film Arrival ) plays Lynne Vincent Cheney, and i will be honest and say she delivers one of the best performances in this film. She gives a performance that is worthy nominations in film festivals. Comedian actor Steve Carell ( who i recently posted a review on his film Welcome To Marwen just a few days ago ) plays Donalds Rumsfeld. The thing about Steve is that he is a very good dramatic actor, and he shows that clearly in this film as he manage to deliver a solid performance. One surprise for me is to see actor Sam Rockwell as former president George W Bush, and he is better than i expected in this role. Actress Alison Pill ( who i dearly loved in the film Milk ) also gives a solid performance as Mary Cheney. I Think one thing that makes Vice an interesting view into the Life on Dick Cheney, is that we get to understand things from his perspective. Did he do the right choices, or could he have made better decisions ? I think you will have to feel for yourself, how you feel about what impact Cheney made in politics. Director Adam McKay ( who directed both Anchorman films will Will Ferell ) knows how to make a political film correctly. This is a really well made drama film, that will hopefully give you a more personal view on who Dick Cheney is. If you love politics and history, this is a film you need to see. 

Rating: DDDD

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