fredag 24 maj 2019

Another Pick For Is It Really That Bad, Wolvesbayne

Cheers everyone !

Daniel here, the amazing movie review guy from Sweden, Really ? Yes, i must be since i have all the albums from Hanson, that has to impress you all right ? I have looked through a list of films i have never seen, that movie critics have not been impressed with, and i came across a film i never heard about called Wolvesbayne. Released in 2009, a mixture of werewolves and vampires, and have legendary action actor Mark Dacascos in one of the roles. I also noticed that actress Yancy Butler is here ( remember her from the Witchblade TV movie, and the TV series of Witchblade ? ) This has to be a future classic right ? I will be writing a review for this film in August, if everything goes as planned, to the segment Is It Really That Bad ? I will be doing some more choices for this segment during autumn, but Wolvesbayne will be fun to see for sure ( if it´s any good is no guarantee of course ). Im publishing my last reviews for this month soon, and i will be getting ready for new movie reviews in June. Have a great weekend, never trust the Norwegians, and remember it is ok to be naked in the forest ( i have tried, it actually worked ).

See you soon folks!

Cheers from Daniel

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