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Serial killers, we fear them and hate them, and still they make us fascinated. How can they become such monsters, and what made them so evil ? There are many reasons why of course, and we can´t find all the answers that easy. I have read some books about serial killers, especially since i was very curious about the case of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. If you have not heard about him, then let me explain some details. He is known as the " Killer Clown ", who murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois. Gacy was well known in his community for being a hard worker, and helping young men to get jobs. When the truth started to come out, everyone got to see who Gacy really was, a sadistic serial killer. There are a lot of books to read about him, but if you are interested to know more, i suggest you read the book Killer Clown by author Peter T. Maiken. There is also a great TV mini series on DVD called To Catch A Killer, with legendary actor Brian Dennehy who gave a strong performance as John Wayne Gacy. When we think about serial killers in films, i have some really good titles to choose between. But if i had to pick one title, there is no doubt i would pick American Psycho from director Mary Harron. This is a very disturbing, but fascinating portrait of serial killer Patrick Bateman ( played brilliant by actor Christian Bale, who is a wealthy New York investment banker. American Psycho is not only a really well made psychological horror film, this film also show us many different angles of a serial killer´s sick mind. A must have in your DVD or Blu Ray collection. For quite some time, i have been very interested in a new serial killer film known as Artik, and loved the trailer. This film looked different from many other releases in this genre. I finally got a chance to see this film from Epic Pictures on VOD. Is this one of the better films in this genre for many years, or is Artik a big disappointment that you might as well skip ?

Artik ( Jerry G. Angelo ) is a serial killer, who make comic book drawings of himself killing people, while he murder innocent victims with young boy Adam ( Gavin White ) to assist him. While hard worker Holton takes a walk, he finds Adam doing grafitti near his working place. He begin a conversation with Adam, and notice he is extremely shy, but also get a sense that something is wrong with his behavior. When Holton sees drawings that Adam is carrying, of disturbing images, he contacts counselor Kar ( Matt Mercer ) that helps a group of people, including Holton. Kar see the disturbing drawings and decide to head out to the farm. Artik has not finished his drawings yet, and he will make sure that his story is told, in the right way of his mind.

I don´t know another way to explain this, but Artik is one of the few films this year that has really connected with me. Not that i see anything positive about the serial killer story, but this is a very powerful film for many different reasons. The portrait of a serial killer, drawing himself as a super hero, is not only really sickening but also show you his own view of himself. This is a very unique part of ths film where you see a serial killer portrait from a completely different angle than we have seen before. Since most serial killer films usually follow a certain pattern, Artik does the oppisite and for that i am very grateful. We have to talk about the characters for a while. Actor Jerry G. Angelo as serial killer Artik, gives a strong performance of a very distubed man. It must have been really hard, to capture the face expressions and mentality of a serial killer, and i have to say that Jerry does a really good job with all these details. Child actor Gavin White, as the young boy Adam, is another strong performance that you will remember. Actress Lauren Ashley Carter ( who some of you might remember from the independent sci fi horror film The Mind´s Eye ) really gives her character a personality you won´t forget, since she is really disturbing. The brutality of this film is needed, since it gives the story a much deeper meaning than the ordinary horror film. Artik is a film that build itself up, with great looking cinematography and a story that moves along in a stylish way. Director Tom Botchii Skowronski have made one of the best serial killer films since the South Korean film I Saw The Devil. He clearly wanted to tell a different story in this genre, and he manage to put all the pieces together in a clever way. Artik is a must see on Blu Ray from Epic Pictures, make sure you get your copy ( i will leave the link below ). One of the better horror releases of this year, Artik leaves a satisfying flavor of joy.

Rating: DDDD

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