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Through history we have always been fascinated by the unknown. No matter if it is stories about monsters, aliens, historical folk tales, there is a lot of mysteries out there that people will always be fascinated about. I thought we should talk about 2 mysteries that have been in news papers for many years, where 2 cases turned out to be hoax. Let´s begin with the 17 minute black-and-white film released in 1995. This video was supposed to show an Alien autopsy, that was made by the American military. At first a lot of Alien believers thought this was finally the biggest proof that the American government have been hiding evidence for many years. The 17 minute video turned out to be a hoax by London-based entrepeneur Ray Santilli. I have seen the video, and i have to say it is a well made hoax with so many details about the autopsy. I have since then Heard the film crew behind this hoaxc, tell their story how they managed to pull this through. Let´s travel back in time for our next hoax, back to the year of 1967. The Patterson-Grimlin film is a short motion picture that is supposed to show evidence of the hairy creature known as Bigfoot, beeing caught on camera up in a forest area of Northern California. A lot of experts have talked about this short motion picture for many years, where most experts agree that this was a hoax. But there are those who also believe that this is the best evidence that Bigfoot does exist. No matter how you turn things around, i think we should be aware that not everything we are told has to be true. I have seen several videos of conspiracy theorists, and there is a lot of crazy details that they manage to find. I mentioned Bigfoot earlier, and this beast have been a part of many films, in many different adaptations. I recently came across a new Bigfoot movie on VOD, simply called Hoax. The trailer looked like fun, but is this better than i expected, or should Hoax been cancelled from ever being made at all ?

A group of young people are murdered brutally in the woods. There is evidence that this might be the work of the beast, known as Bigfoot. TV network executive Roger Brannan ( Matt Riedy ) is confronted by John Singer ( Ben Prowder ), a TV host who has a new idea. He wants to make a reality TV show on the hunt for Bigfoot, by putting together a team of people who can make it possible. Roger agree to let John make the show, on one condition, he needs to find physical evidence that Bigfoot exists. John visits Dr. Ellen Freese ( Cheryl Texiera ), who is a primate specialist in animals. He needs her on his team, to find the evidence he needs to prove that Bigfoot exists. She eventually agrees, as she meets the rest of the team. But this expedition is not going to be what anyone expected.

If you love the stories of Bigfoot, and if you enjoy B horror movies, then Hoax will be the Christmas present you always wanted. This is a low budget horror film that makes sure that Bigfoot fans get a tasteful treat. Hoax is one of those films that you might recognize from different similar films, but the one thing that makes this Bigfoot story stand out is that this crew is making a reality TV show about the hunt for Bigfoot. Now, i will say this, the reality show itself does not look very good, but the film itself is entertaining for different reasons. First of all i like some of the characters in this film, since they are very different from each other. Let´s begin with actress Cheryl Texiera ( who some of you might have seen in TV comedy series It´s Always Sunny In Philladelphia ) as the character Dr. Ellen Freese. It becomes very clear that she might be the most intelligent person in this research team for the reality TV show. The second actor i think is great in this film is an actor, who was a part of a real Sylvester Stallone cult classic known as Cobra. Of course i am talking about Brian Thompson, who here plays bad ass character John Singer. You can tell that Brian must have had fun making this film, since he knows how to bring his cheesy dialogue in a certain way. If you are expecting a big slaughter feast, you won´t get it until the end of this film. But don´t worry, the best part of this film is actually the last 15 minutes. There is a twist into the story here, that reminded me of the 1986 classic cult film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. I won´t go into details, but i love the ending. The only thing i can complain about, is that there is a missed opportunity here, and not making the reality TV idea feel realistic. You see those scenes, where the camera crew films scenes for the TV show, they don´t feel portrayed as a reality show, more of a vlogging show instead. Other than that, Hoax is an entertaining B movie, especially for you who love mysterious legends and classic horror stories. Director Matt Allen have made a directorial debut film that may not bring anything fresh to the table, but clearly love horror of the 80´s, and this is something he captures well in this film.

Rating: DDD

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