torsdag 3 oktober 2019

The Mummy Rebirth

Ancient Egypt, filled with historical moments and iconic personalities. I have watched a lot of documentary programs about Egypt, and it is very fascinating to see how the people of Egypt managed to build the pyramids, make Egyptian hieroglyphs and the importance of respecting the dead. Just the details of how they buried the dead, is fascinating. But there is so much more that makes Egypt interesting from a historical perspective. Mummies in films have been around for a very long time in Hollywood. The most classic mummy film that i remember is of course the 1932 film known as The Mummy, but we have to mention the 1959 film also known as The Mummy with legendary actors such as Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Eddie Byrne. Since then we have a lot of mummy films in many different shapes, and i have decided to talk about the 1999 version of The Mummy, a film i still enjoy to this day. Directed by Stephen Sommers, this film is almost like an Indiana Jones film set in Egypt. Actor Brendan Fraser as the character Rick O´Connell, is a great match and i really enjoy actress Rachel Weisz as tough Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan. The Mummy from 1999 is a fun action adventure, with the right kind of tone for a mummy film. The sequels were not bad either, i especially enjoyed The Mummy Returns. Earlier this summer i watched a trailer of a new B movie called The Mummy Rebirth. This film seemed to be a low budget feast with bad special effects, and a concept that looked like fun. Is this a future B movie classic, or should The Mummy Rebirth have been buried underneath the sand of Egypt ?

Noah ( Carter ) and Daniella ( Brittany Goodwin ) are treasure hunters who team up with Sager ( David E. Cazares ), where they discover a tomb and unintentionally awaken Sebek ( Shamel Hashish ). Noah and Danielle realize that this is bad, and must find a way to stop Sebek, while Sager and his team are looking for a hidden treasure. Sebek gives Daniella a stone that can resurrect and defeat the dead, except him. He gives it to her since he sees her as the love of his life, that he once lost. Daniella can use the stone to fight against the mummys and monsters that Sebek brings forward, but have to find another way to end the life of Sebek, before he ends the existence of the whole world.

I can accept that this film has an extreme low budget, and could have been a fun watch anyway. The biggest problem i have with The Mummy Rebirth is that the film has not a lot to be happy about, if you were hoping for an mummy action horror film. The special effects are really bad. In fact, it feels like they were made on an older computer from 1997, as if the special effects team wanted to keep it as cheap as possible. Just look at the opening sequences, that looks like clay animated Egyptian figures, they look awful for a film being released in 2019. And the mummy zombies ? Well, they look like they were made from a Halloween costume shop, where someone put together a costume from different clothes and a mask. But wait just one second, the best is yet to come. Remember the computer animated reptiles in Mortal Kombat movie in 1995 ? I enjoy that film, but the reptiles did not look good. In this film The Mummy Rebirth, they have a similar reptile, almost mixed with a demonic look that looks really bad. This could possibly be the worst looking monster i have seen for many years. The gun shootings are even fake, and they don´t even seem to be firing their weapons, and let cheap CGI gun fire do the job instead. There are plenty of characters here in this film, but not many of them make any impact at all. The only actor in this film that does deliver some kind of performance, is actress Brittany Goodwin who plays the character Daniella. Shes not a great actor ( at least not in this film ), but she gives the only performance that you will remember. The rest of the cast does not give any good impression. Directors Khu and Justin Price ( 2 directors to make this film, incredible ) are probably interested in Egypt, but they can´t give this mummy film any form of life. This is an awful mix of horror, action and special effects that you will laugh over instead of enjoying. Someone call Brendan Fraser, we need a 4th The Mummy film soon, so i can forget that i watched The Mummy Rebirth.

Rating: D

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