torsdag 3 oktober 2019

Jacob´s Ladder

Original films is something i have always appreciated. Those films that dare to go into a completely different direction than the typical Hollywood release. There are some great films we could talk about, but let´s get into 2 titles that i especially remember. The 2014 film known as Frank, is directed by Lenny Abrahamson. This is a very odd, but wonderful film that tells the story of Jon Burroughs ( played by actor Domhnall Gleeson ), a young musician who joins the band The Soronprfbs with the unique lead singer known as Frank ( brillant played by actor Michael Fassbender ), a man who wears a giant paper-machié mask over his head. This is a crazy, funny and heart warming story of a band who go on an incredible journey, through the mind of Frank. Director Lenny Abrahamson have clearly worked hard to capture the right feeling of the story, inspired by fictional story of Frank Sidebottom, the comic persona of Chris Sievey. And i have to say, this is a very intelligent film, with a very powerful story to be told. A must see on DVD or Blu Ray. The next film i have in mind is actually turning 30 years old next year, but is still a very original film. The film i am thinking about is the 1990 movie known as Jacob´s Ladder. Directed by legendary director Adrian Lyne ( who directed the classic psychological thriller Fatal Attraction ), Jacob´s Ladder is a very original psychological horror film, that tells the story of Vietnam combat medic, Jacob Singer ( really well played by actor Tim Robbins ), who begin to hallicunate that he is being attacked by something mysterious. Jacob´s Ladder is a cult classic, and well worth a watch. I found out earlier this year that a remake was coming of this film. I was not really excited to see a remake of such a cult classic, but decided to give this film a chance. Is this remake better than expected, or should it be flushed down with the turds ?

After losing his brother in combat, surgeon Jacob Singer ( Michael Ealy ) returns home from Afghanistan. He continue his Medical career as a surgeon, but his Life is about to take a different turn. An odd war veteran confront Jacob, who tells him that his brother Isaac "Ike" Singer ( Jesse Williams ) is still alive.  The war veteran is pushed infront of a subway train by a mysterious person. almost as if he was supposed to be silenced. Jacob investigate the subway station and find a doorway, where he finds his brother still alive. But he has changed, and seems to be troubled by something. Jacob sees a pattern with war veterans, having a secret drug that is not completely safe. As he begin to dig deeper into the truth, his own life is at risk.

I don´t mind a remake of a classic film, if the remake add something different to the story, or surprise me with a clever twist. And this is something that this remake of Jacob´s Ladder is missing, there are nu surprises or a clever twist to be found. In some ways, you could say that this film is only trying to copy the content of the original film, but without the same passion that Jacob´s Ladder in 1990 have. So is there anything positive to say about this remake ? The only thing that i appreciate with this remake, is that this film talk about the war veterans of Afghanistan instead of in Vietnam. This is actually not a bad idea, considering you need a remake to be updated instead of using the same story as the original film. But this is where the positive ends about this remake. I have tried to find a reason why they needed to remake the 1990 film, and thought this was the best way to do it. Let´s get into the characters for a bit. Actor Michael Bealy ( who i recently reviewed in the thriller The Intruder ) is the lead character Jacob Singer. There are some scenes where he deliver some descent acting, but for a lead character he should have left a bigger impact than this. The best character of this film is actually Samantha Singer, played by actress Nicole Beharie ( who i especially remember from the really good sports drama film 42 ). She gives her character some depth, even if i wish she could have developed her character more. Actor Richie Costa as the character Louis is interesting, but only seen for a short while. The CGI effects are not very effective, when we see strange figures show up. The original film had some great practical make up effects, and that film is 30 years old soon. This remake would have needed a facelift. Director David M. Rosenthal ( who directed the well made crime drama A Single Shot ) have tried making another version of a classic. I am sure he had good intentions, but most of them are lost with some mediocre choices. I suggest you see the original film instead, and i guarantee you will enjoy that film more than this remake.

Rating: DD

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