måndag 27 januari 2020

The Dead Center

Health care in Sweden is in a crisis. I think we have a good system of the health care, where you don´t need to pay much for surgery or hospital visits, but there are some other issues. We have hospitals with too many patients and too little health care workers to help each patient. I have worked in many different health care homes, intitutions, and many other forms of treatment centers. And after 20 years, i can tell you that it is not getting easier. But i can assure you that the health care workers are not to blame, they are doing all they can to help every patient. It is the politicians who are closing their eyes, and buy art for millions of dollars, and put money into other things when the hospitals should be getting the money instead. I am not worried about going to the hospital, but i am worried about the politicians crazy views on how to construct hospitals, and other health care intitutions. Let´s just say they are not seeing things from a reality, but more from a Scientology planet perspective instead. When it comes to horror films that takes brings up the subjects of health care and hospital visits, we have a lot of good films to choose between. One of the films i am especially thinking about, is the 2002 film known as The Eye, a Hong-Kong Singaporean horror film. Directed by The Pang Brothers, this film tells the story of Hong Kong classical violinist Wong Kar Mun ( played really well by actress Angelica Lee ) who undergoes an eye cornea transplant after receiving a pair of new eyes from a donor. Wong is happy to have her sense of sight back, but when she starts seeing mysterious figues through her new eyes. These mysterious figues seems to foretell gruesome deaths. The Eye is a horror film that slowly builds up fear through the view from a patient´s perspective. How would you handle this situation with a pair of new eyes, not knowing the background behind them ? Directors The Pang Brothers are really good at delivering solid horror material. If you are a fan of the company Arrow Video, then you know they release a lot of horror films. I picked up a Blu Ray copy of the film The Dead Center since i read some really positive reviews online. Is this one of the best horror films in recent years, or is The Dead Center as predictable as Donald Trump bible signing in Alabama ?

A mysterious " John Doe " wakes up in a morgue and wanders into a psychiatric ward. Here is taken care of the hospital´s psychiatrist Daniel Forrester ( Shane Carruth ) and his team. The mysterious patient is known as Michael Clark ( Jeremy Childs ), and Daniel is trying to find out what is wrong with this patient. As he digs deeper into the truth, he is about to find out that the truth may be more complicated than you would expect.

If you have been looking for an intelligent horror film, then look no further. The Dead Center has all the right ingredients that you need for a tasteful treat . This is one of those films where you have no idea what might happen, and i love films that does not feel predictable. The thing that makes The Dead Center such a great horror film, is that the story is very cleverly constructed, with all the medical terms. We have to talk about the characters. Lead actor Shane Carruth is fantastic as the character Daniel Forrester ( who can be seen in the really good sci fi drama film Upstream Color ). It really feels like he is a hospital psychiatrist, since he is so convincing in his acting performance. Jeremy Childs ( fans of the Nashville TV series will recognize him for sure ) also give a strong performance as the character Michael Clark, the mysterious patient. Jeremy manage to portrait a patient, that you can´t really understand. His behavior changes, and he is epesiclaly creepy when he just sit there, staring without any reflections. Actress Poorna Jagannathan as the character Sarah Grey, fits right with her passion to help patients at the hospital. If you think The Dead Center will look exactly like every horror film you have seen, i can guarantee that you are wrong. This is one of the few horror films i have seen that really manage to balance health care issues, and fear of the unknown. Director Billy Senense ( who directed the pretty predictable sci fi horror film Closer To God ) have made his best film so far with The Dead Center. He have found a way to tell a very clever story, with the help of simple details in a very effective way. If you are a horror fan and looking for something different to experience, then you need to pick up The Dead Center on DVD or Blu Ray from Arrow Video. This is one of the few horror films that dares to go in a different, and original direction than other films in this genre.

Rating: DDDD

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