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100 Acres Of Hell

There is something peaceful about the countryside. No traffic, no overcrowded cities, just beautiful nature and the sound of the trees. And if you are lucky, you come across some banjo playing people, who tell you to squeal like a pig, just like in Deliverance. Now that´s the kind of nature friendly people you want to meet, who cares about new visitors. I have been quite a lot in the countryside in my youth, since my grandparents have a cabin, and my dad as well. And there has always been a tradition with my grandfather, strong alcohol is always welcome in this cabin. All those times we barbecued steaks, sausages and had alcohol drinks, good times indeed. Now when it comes to horror films that takes place in the forest, there are so many titles i could talk about. But i decided to pick out one specific film, that i consider to be one of the best British forest horror films in this genre, and that film is called Eden Lake. This film is directed by James Watkins ( who directed the well made old school horror film The Woman In Black ). The story surrounds a couple, nursery school teacher Jenny Greengrass ( played really well by actress Kelly Reilly ) and her boyfriend Steve Taylor ( another strong performance from Michael Fassbender ) who travel to a remote lake in the countryside. But their relaxing vacation, is about to turn really bad when they bump into a gang of disturbed teenagers. Eden Lake is a very well made horror film, that shows you how vulnerable you are in the countryside, where you have to find different ways to survive and also find a way out. The acting performances from almost all actors are really good, and this is a very brutal film as well. I suggest you pick this film up on DVD or Blu Ray, this is a film worth being in your collection. Since i have been in contact with several actors, director´s and film teams in the B movie industry over the last 2 years, i was asked if i could review a film called 100 Acres Of Hell. Of course i said yes, since one of the team members of 100 Acres Of Hell asked me if i could write a review. Is this a fun horror film that takes me back to the glory days of VHS violence, or is 100 Acres Of Hell a film that you should aviod at all cost ?

A group of friends gather for a camping weekend, including the famous wrestler Buck Severs ( Gene Snisky ), and his friends Trent Masters ( Jeff Swanton ), Bo McKeever ( Jim Roof ) and Morgan Childs ( Ernest O´ Donnell ). In this area that they are camping, there is a story about killer Jeb Tucker ( Sam Anoi ) who have murdered a lot of locals. No one believe he exists, but as their camping weekend continues, they are about to find out the truth.

Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed the films Wrong Turn, Hatchet and The Princess Diary featuring Anne Hathaway ? The result is what you get with 100 Acres Of Hell, a tasteful treat of this combination to classic films we all love ( yes, including The Princess Diary, and don´t deny it ). The plot is very simple, and nothing you need to focus on. What this film manage to do, is to bring back that classic slasher genre, without going over the top with buckets of blood. But that´s not all, i actually enjoy a couple of the characters as well. Let´s begin with the character Bo McKeever ( played by actor Jim Roof ). Bo reminded me a lot of the character Lou in Hot Tub Time Machine. They are both middle aged men, who wants to party, have sex with girls, take alcohol and don´t care about anything else. Actor Jim Roof manage to bring out that desperate middle aged man in Bo, and some scenes are actually a bit funny with him around. Actress Kate Walsh, who plays the character Kitty, brings a female character who is exactly what a film like this needs. She is down to Earth, and a small town girl that anyone would love to hang out with. Wrestler Gene Sisky plays the main character Buck Severs, and the interesting thing about him is that he seems to have a depression, so he stands out from the crowd for showing a very personal side of himself. The killer beast known as Jeb Tucker ( played by actor Sam Anoai, also known as wrestler Samu ) looks like a mixture of one of the Wrong Turn hillbillies and a Kardashian surgery gone wrong. There is actually a surprise twist towards the end, something you don´t see very often in this genre. 100 Acres Of Hell is a film that will be appreciated by fans of this genre, if you just want to see a slasher / horror film that does not take itself too serious. Director Hank Leigh Hump is clearly inspired by old school slashers, and he gives us his own take on this genre in a classic way. A film worth a watch, especially if you are a big fan of The Princess Diary, i know a lot of you people are, so this is a perfect match.

Rating: DDD

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