onsdag 8 januari 2020

The Year Of 2020, The Year When Dilynn Fawn Harvey Strikes

Cheers everyone!

I have had the honor to talk to different actors over the years, including directors. For me this is a true honor, since i only write reviews while these people work hard to make films and develope characters. And in 2019, something special happened that has never happened before. I got a chance to know the wonderful actress Dilynn Fawn Harvey ( from the wonderful film Clownado ), closer than any other actor before. And i have to say, this is one of the most caring, heart warming people i have ever talked to in the film industry. She can be bad ass on the big screen, in many different B movies. But on the inside she has a heart of gold, who cares about everyone. So this year i would like you all to keep your eyes open, for her upcoming films and projects. Dilynn is a very unique personality with a lot of passion for her hard work. I have a feeling that more people will notice her in the future, because this is an actress who is ready to take on more projects. I guarantee i will be publishing reviews on her upcoming films in here, and i look forward to see what projects she is working on right now. Take care everyone of yourselves, and remember, if you want the best movie review blog in Sweden, you will find it right here on Daniels Super Sexy Movie Reviews. 

Cheers from Daniel

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