måndag 6 januari 2020

I Just Watched A Film So Bad I Almost Laughed Out Of A Sofa

Cheers everyone!

I am back, your favourite Swedish movie review guy. Really ? Yes, i know its amazing. A new year of movie reviews are coming your way. Even if i see a lot of good films every year, i see some bad ones as well. And then you come across a film that is so bad, you dont know if you should cry or laugh. When i saw the film Vegas Skyline, i knew i have come across something special. 

So what is Vegas Skyline ? 

Imagine a mixture of the worst 90's CGI effects you have seen of a spaceship, aliens so badly designed on a computer and naked girls having sex, and you have the plot for Vegas Skyline. This film makes no sense at all, maybe thats why i wondered who could write a film like this. Vegas Skyline is the film that will go down in history, as one of the funniest films ever made. And not because it is any good, its actually the worst film you have ever seen. Is it worse than Kirk Camerons disaster Saving Christmas ? Almost, i think Saving Christmsas might still be number 1. But i have no doubt saying Vegas Skyline is number 2 on that same list. So if you wondered where to find a really awful film to watch for a good laugh, just go on Plex and watch this film for free. New movie reviews are on the way, so stay tuned and have a good week. 

Cheers from Daniel

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