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Dangerous Lies

If there is one thing that can make families argue, it is over wills ( testaments ). Some family members will do anything to try and affect the older person in matter, so that they can own the items they are hoping for. In my personal opinion, you should leave this alone, to let the person in question, decide completely for themselves. I could never ask anyone to give me anything, since those items are their belongings, and should do whatever they want to do with them, without being affected by anyone in family. So far, i have never had to discuss any wills in my family, and i know that at some point i will probably have to. When it comes to films that brings up the subjects of wills, we have a couple of films to choose between. But one specific film came to my mind, and that is the 2011 comedy-drama The Descendants. Directed by Alexander Payne ( who have directed a number of great films such as About Schmidt and Sideways ), this film tells the story of Matthew " Matt " King ( played really well by actor George Clooney ), who is a Honolulu-based attourney and the sole trustee of a family trust of 25,000 Acres, of pristine land on Kauai. The land has great monetary value, but is also a family legacy. While Matt have no problem with his own finances, most of his cousins have spend their inheritances. With the trust expiring in seven years, the King clan is pressuring Matt to sell the land for hundreds of million dollars. But Matt have bigger personal issues to deal with, especially after an boating accident, when his wife Elizabeth is in a coma. He is now forced to try and live a life as good as possible, helping his two daughters. The Descendants really shows you how hard life can be, when something unexpected happens. And when family issues are included over money, it´s not making things any better. If you enjoy realistic films, that portrays family issues and family arguments, then this is a good choice. I recently read that a film on Netflix, brings up the subject of what happens, when a young girl is given a house from a testament, that will affect her future. This sounded interesting to me, so i decided to check out Dangerous Lies. Is this a great Netflix choice, or is Dangerous Lies a sleeping pill all the way until the end ?

Katie ( Camila Mendes ) and Adam ( Jessie T. Usher ) are a young married couple who are struggling to pay their bills. Katie is working night shifts at a diner while Adam is studying. One night, they are making out in their car during Katie´s break. They go back into the diner and find an armed robber threatening the staff. Adam sneaks up on the robber and knock him out. For taking such a big risk, Adam is hailed as a hero. 4 months later, Katie is working as a caregiver to Leonard Wellesley ( Elliott Gould ), an elderly man who grows close to her. One day, Katie tells Leonard about her financial struggles. Leonard insists on helping her out with money, but Katie asks him to give Adam a job instead. Leonard writes Katie a check with 7000 dollars. Katie does not want to accept the check, but Adam convinces her to use the money to pay the bills that are due and pay the rest back to Leonard. The next day Katie arrive to Leonard´s home, she finds him dead, leaving Katie devastated. At Leonard´s funeral they meet his attourney, Julia ( Jamie Chung ), who tell them about Leonard´s will. Katie have been left everything, so the couple decide to move into his big house. But there are some hidden secrets about this house, that will eventually reveal themselves.

One of the most suprising things about this film, is that it is actually not bad for a pretty simple plot. And that is thanks to great characters, and some good acting as well. We have to begin with the main character, known as Katie Franklin ( played by actress Camila Mendes, who can also be seen in TV series Riverdale ). Kate come across as young woman, with a very big heart, and clearly wants to do right for herself. Camila deliver a character that feels realistic, and give us a woman portait that i am sure a lot of women can connect with. Jessie T. Usher ( who was the main character of TV series Survivor´s Remorse ), plays Katie´s husband Adam. I have to say, since this is my first time seeing Jessie acting, he does a pretty good job. Considering that Adam is struggling with the knowledge of his wife is now rich, he is clearly thinknig about how to spend the money where he thinks it should go. And this is where Adam become interesting as a character, that you see his vulnerable side. Legendary actor Elliott Gold ( who i especially remember from the 1991 film Bugsy ) gives a solid performance as Leonard. While watching a character like Leonard, you get a sense that this is the kind of grandfather we all would want. Dangerous Lies remind me of thriller films of the 90´s, who did not need a big budget to be effective. And i am happy to see that we can still get films made in this genre, that knows what kind of audience who will enjoy a film such as this one. Maybe i would have liked a completely different twist towards the end of the film, something that would surprise me. Other than that, i can´t say anything bad really about Dangerous Lies. Director Michael M. Scott ( who directed the fantasy thriller Deadly Vision, worth checking out ) have brought back the 90´s with this thriller, with a great look and a great casting choice as well. Dangerous Lies may not bring anything new to the table, but that´s ok. If you just want a simple but good thriller, then look no further.

Rating: DDD

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