torsdag 23 juli 2020

It's Official, A Film Based On The Life Of Vanilla Ice Is Coming

Cheers everyone! :) 

If you grew up with hip hop like myself in the 80's,  you probably remember Run DMC, Public Enemy, De La Soul and many other hip hop bands / artists. But all was about to change in 1990 when one guy, calling himself Vanilla Ice was about to release his single Ice Ice Baby, that became a huge hit world wide. Everyone, and i mean everyone, knew how to do the Vanilla Ice dance moves with the special pants. I especially remember one guy from school, his name wss Martin, he even made his own Vanilla Ice pants ( i hope he still have them, that would be fantastic ), and he used to try doing the Vanilla Ice dance in those pants. :) The album To The Extreme, released on September 3rd, in 1990, became a big hit on the album charts worldwide. :) Vanilla Ice have kept on doing music since then, including films as well. :)

But the fantastic news that came out this week is that American actor Dave Franco will be playing Vanilla Ice in a film titled To The Extreme, a biographical film about his career. I am actually excited about this film,  since i was 13 years old when Vanilla Ice became huge, and i grew up with his music . :) I think this could be fun, especially from a 90s nostalgic view, with this classic album that changed the world. :) 

2 more reviews will be published this month, so stay tuned and why not do the Vanilla Ice dance while waiting for them to be published? :) I will see you soon, take care. 

Cheers from Daniel :) 

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