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A Summer With Lou Diamond Phillips: The Night Stalker

Every year, we celebrate different holidays, or historical moments that means a lot to each country. And of course we should continue to do so, since this is important for many different reasons. And no matter what day you choose to celebrate, make sure you enjoy it. Lately i have been thinking that there is something missing in our lives. Could it be another Corey Feldman album ? Of coure we can hope he will release a future CD, just as unique as his previous album Angelic 2 The Core was. But this is actually not what i was thinking about. I have been thinking about a day that we should all celebrate together, worldwide. A day where we can all feel welcome, and will not be judged for our clothes, hair style or the color of our shoes. So what would make this day so special ? Easy to answer, because my idea is that we should have an official Lou Diomand Phillips Day. Imagine having one day, every year, where fans of Lou Diomand Phillips gather, to celebrate him and his films, with fans all over the world. A day where we can all dress up as many of his characters, talk about his films and discuss what it is that makes Lou Diomand Phillips so unique. I think this would be a fantastic idea to make reality, if one of the biggest fans would feel ready to start developing this wonderful day. Me and my friend Tony could probably help you out, in any way we can ( considering that we have made such a fantastic impact as The Golden Boys Of Sundsvall ). Since i started the segment A Summer With Lou Diomand Phillips last month, it was time to pick a second film that i have not seen so far with him. And i decided to go with the TV film known as The Night Stalker, where Lou plays serial killer Ramirez, also known as The Night Stalker. Is this the best film from this legendary actor in recent years, or should he have skipped this production and went for something better instead ?

In Texas, a drifter faces the death penalty in just a few days. His only hope is that his lawyers can persuade the serial killer Richard Ramirez ( Lou Diamond Phillips ) confess to the crime instead. His legal team includes Kit ( Bellamy Young ), who is tasked to travel to California, and visiting Ramirez at San Quentin State Prison in an attempt to persuade him to confess. But Ramirez is not going to tell Kit anything, unless they play a game, where the truth must be told. Kit is about to learn more of the mind of a sadistic serial killer.

If you have been looking for an acting performance from Lou Diamond Phillips, that is more powerful than his ordinary releases, then i have some good news for you. He gives his best acting performance in many years in this film. I am actually quite surprised how well Lou Diamond Phillips pulls off this role, considering this is a really hard character to play. For those of you who have heard about the story of serial killer Richard Ramirez you know that he killed a lot of innocent people between 1984 - 1985. This film does not really go into his murders, but focuses more on his last days in prison, and his meetings with Kit ( played well by wonderful actress Bellamy Young ) who try and dig out the truth out of him. There are some really interesting scenes, where Richard tell his story, and you can tell that Lou Diamond Phillips have tried really hard to portrait the serial killer in a beliveable way. It is especially in the scenes where he begin to show his disturbing mind towards women, where Lou get a chance to show that he is still able to surprise us. The plot is not very complicated, and that´s ok. Because we don´t need a complicated story here, since it works well with the main characters. My negative opinion about The Night Stalker, is that they should have told the past of Richard Ramirez in a more interesting way. We know that he have a very dark past, and you only get a glimpse of this in a few scenes. I think if these scenes would have been constructed more effective, the portait of Ramirez would have worked better. With that said, i have to say that this is one of the few TV films that actually work better than i expected. Director Meghan Griffiths ( who directed the powerful drama film Eden ) is clearly fascinated about the final days of Richard Ramirez, and with the help of the powerful performance of Lou Diamond Phillips, she manage to lift this film up to a higher level of quality than most Lifetime movies. I suggest you check this film out, because this film proves that Lou Diamond Phillips still have a lot to offer, when he gets the right material to work with.

Rating: DDD

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