onsdag 22 juli 2020

In The Trap

Evil comes in many shapes and forms, and you never know when you will encounter it. I can tell you the first time i encountered pure evil. It was when i was a young man, and accidently watched the Swedish band known as Thorleifs on a cruise ship to Denmark. It was there i realised where demons comes from, as they would appear behind their saxophones, ready to pull us all under the burning pits of hell. If you don´t know who Thorleifs are, do not google them. You see, if you do they might capture you into their demonic possessions. And there is no way out, unless the Danish duo known as Olsen Brothers save us all under their Wings Of Love. Just so you know, you can buy CD´s of Olsen Brothers, best band ever from Denmark ( i guarantee that every danish person agree on this,  and every danish has at least one of their albums in their home ). Demonic possession films can be found in a lot of film titles, and it is not hard to find titles that are worth watching. But i decided to pick out one film, and that is the found footage horror film The Possession Of Michael King. Released in 2014 and directed by David Jung, this is a really good looking found footage horror film, that tells the story of Michael King, who lost his wife in an accident. Michael becomes curious to offer himself as an test subject for supernatural rituals, and make a documentary about this to prove that demons are not real. But as he goes further into this world, he is about to see that he might have been wrong. The Possession Of Michael King clearly shows that you can make an effective found footage horror film, on a limited budget. Director David Jung brings out a very effective horror film, that is still one of the better films in the category of found footage releases. I recently got a chance to pick up a horror film on a DVD called In The Trap, that seemed to have an interesting story. Is this a demonic possession film that is better than i expected, or should this film have been cancelled just as Iron Fist on Netflix ?

As a young boy, Phillipe saw his sister beeing attacked by something evil. This evil shadow figure killed his sister. Many years later, Phillipe ( Jamie Paul ) is still struggling with the memories of his sister being killed. He is trying to live a happy Life, with the help of the support of Father Andrew ( David Bailie ) and the love of his life known as Catherine ( Sonya Cullingford ). But when this evil entity seems to be coming back into Phillipe´s life and attack the ones he loves, he have no idea how to make this stop. 

Let us begin with the sound effects. There are some really creepy sound effect moments in this film, as we are intorduced to what we believe is demonic possession. I also enjoy the different shapes that the evil entity use, especially through the body of an older woman. The characters in this film bring us some interesting personalites, and especially one character in particular. And that is the male character Father Andrew ( played wonderful by actor David Bailie, who i guarantee you will recognize from The Pirates Of The Carribean franchise ), i really feel that he is a great choice for this character, since he clearly knows how to construct this character as a priest with a big heart. I also enjoy the female character Catherine ( played by wonderful actress Sonya Cullingford ). Catherine seems to be such a wonderful person, that when you actually see her in pain, you can´t help feeling sorry for her. Actor Jamie Paul ( this is the first time i have seen him in a film ) gives a performance that is better than i expected. His character Philip is one of those guys who care more about others than himself, and you can tell how much he cares about the ones who he feel safe with. One thing i have to mention about In The Trap, is that i actually enjoy the plot jumping around a bit. This gives us more time to think of what is going on, if there is an evil entity, or if there is another explanation. The only negative i can say, is that i would have liked to see the background story of Father Andrew, to get a bigger image of who he really is, and all his personal struggle. Director Allesio Liguori pick different horror ingredients, mix them together and give us a horror film that you might recognize, but still have enough to offer fans of this genre. With great sound effects, and an interesting story included, In The Trap is without a doubt a horror film that will be appreciated if you are a fan of films such as The Haunting In Connecticut. 

Rating: DDD

In The Trap will be out on DVD in the UK in September, so make sure you pick your copy of this film on this link.


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