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25 Years Anniversary Review Of From Dusk Till Dawn

The 90´s were magical for a number of reasons. Not only was this a great time, especially for action films, but this was also a magical time for iconic characters. The 90´s seemed to know what we needed at the time, considering there were so many great action titles that came out during this time. Just look at films such as Reservoir Dogs by legendary director Quentin Tarantino, who made one of the coolest thrillers of the 90´s. The cast in this film is amazing, you have actors such as Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, Chris Penn, and of couse legendary actor Lawrence Tierney. If you for some reason have not seen Reservoir Dogs, let me just give you the plot. 8 men meet to eat breakfast at a Los Angeles diner Before carrying out a Diamond heist. That´s pretty much all you need to know, not to give away too many spoilers. Reservoir Dogs is a really cool throwback to the 70´s with a really groovy sountrack, fantastic characters and a well made plot as well. This was the first full feature debut film from director Quentin Tarantino, and this film is still one of his best. Just two years later he released Pulp Fiction, and nothing would ever be the same again. It was during this time that director Robert Rodriquez worked on the film Desperado, that was released in 1995. A very energetic action film with actor Antonio Banderas as the guitar playing hitman El Mariachi, with extremely violence and funny dialogue as well. A really fun ride, where director Quentin Tarantino actually have a cameo in this film, where he delivers some great dialogue. When both directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez decided to work together again in 1996 with the horror action film From Dusk Till Dawn, i was really excited. Two proffesional film makers, combining two genres that they both are really good at, would it be a success? I still remember how much i loved From Dusk Till Dawn back in 1996, it was the coolest film around during that time. And i realised that this film turns 25 years now in 2021, wich is insane. Time flies by fast, and i just had to see this film again, to see if it holds up 25 years later. Is this still one of the greatest classics of the 90´s, or have this film aged too much and lost some of the charm ?

Fugitive bank robbers Seth Gecko ( George Clooney ) and Richie Gecko ( Quentin Tarantino ) hold up a liquor store, killing clerk Pete Bottoms ( John Hawkes ) and Texas Ranger Earl McGraw ( Michael Parks ) in a shoot out, and destroy the building as they leave. With a kidnapped hostage known as Gloria Hill ( Brenda Hillhouse ), they stay at a motel to prepare for their next move. As Gecko goes out to get food, Richie brutally raped and murdered Gloria. Gecko is not happy, because this causes more problems. At the same motel, pastor Jacob Fuller ( Harvey Keitel ) is resting with his kids Kate Fuller ( Juliette Lewis ) and Scott Fuller ( Ernest Liu ) as they will continue their road trip, after a good nights sleep. But everything changes as the Gecko Brothers kidnap the family, to get across the Mexican border in their RV. They succeed, as they head towards the bar known as Titty Twister to celebrate, not knowing what awaits them.

It is not often you can say that a film is just as good as it was 25 years ago, but From Dusk Till Dawn still holds the same quality level as it did at the theatre release. This film have something for everyone, and especially if you love the styles of both Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez. The insane mix of action and horror combined, is one of the biggest reasons why this film is so much fun. There is a lot of violence, and this is exactly what a film like this needs to be more entertaining. But let´s be honest, the combination of actors George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino as the Gecko Brothers is absolutely brilliant. These characters match this film so well, i could easily say that these are some of the best characters from the 90´s. The dialogue between the Gecko Brothers is smooth, powerful and damn funny as well. watching them together is true cinema magic at it´s best. You might think that these are two very different actors, and can they really pull this off with such different backgrounds? I think this shows the power of acting, even if you have very different personalities. If you see that the chemistry is there right from the start, you know it´s going to be a wonderful experience. But there are more great characters in this film, that we have to mention. Legendary actor Fred Williamson ( the blaxploitation legend ) plays the bad ass character Frost, who have no problem kicking ass. You also have legendary acor Tom Savini ( who created a lot of fantastic practical effects in many films ) as the cool character Sex Machine, and of course legendary actor Cheech Marin as 3 different characters in this film. The film may begin as a cool action film, but turns out to be a vampire action horror movie instead. And it is at the bar Titty Twister where the fun begins, as survivors slaughter vampires where this film really lift to a whole new level. Director Robert Rodriquez combine these genres with a smooth sexy style, all the way through. He knows how to entertain the audience, in hiw own unique way. The soundtrack in this film is amazing, with perfect matching songs for the Mexican desert and the sexy ladies. From Dusk Till Dawn is still one of the best action horror films out there, and it will be for many years ahead. This is a must buy on DVD or Blu Ray, because this is exactly what every generation should experience, a true quality film.

Rating: DDDD

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