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Films Not Many Have Seen, But Are They Any Good ? Sinners And Saints ( 2010 )

If there was one thing i loved to see on VHS rental stores during the 80´s and 90´s ( except for horror films ), it was cop action movies. Did not matter if they were low budget or had famous actors in them, it was always so nice to see a cop shooting bad guys, especially with a lot of bullets. Back in those days they could make cop films feel very macho, you did not need the soft, caring cop. You needed the cop who would just fire his weapon until his ammo went out, and did not give a shit if his police captain got pissed off. He would just say the best dialogue such as :- Why don´t you suck my balls asshole, and just let the bodies be filled with bullet holes. I miss those days when it comes to cop films, because they could play by their own rules, and say whatever they wanted ( when extreme feminists did not exist, as they do today ). There are tons of cop action films that we could talk about, but let´s bring up one film that i still think is really good, and actually turns 30 years this year. And that is the 1991 action film known as Stone Cold, from director Craig R. Baxley. This film tells the story of Alabama bad ass cop Joe Huff ( played really cool by legendary former professional footbal player Brian Bosworth ), who goes undercover as a biker known as John Stone, to infiltrate white supremacist biker gang know as " The Brotherhood ", led by their leader " Chains " Chopper ( played by legendary actor Lance Henriksen ). Stone Cold is a hell of a good action film, and the best film that actor Brian Bosworth ever did. Lots of gun battles, lots of violence, and includes sexy girls as well, just the way we want a real cop film to be. If you have not seen Stone Cold, you should pick this film up on DVD and Blu Ray. When i Went through cop films i have not seen to my segment Films Not Many Have Seen, But Are They Any Good? i found quite a lot of titles. So i decided to pick one that looked interesting called Sinners And Saints, that i have never heard of. Is this a more traditional fun cop action film, or is this a film you don´t have to waste your precious time on?

Detective Sean Riley ( Johnny Strong ) is a hard working man at the New Orleans Police Department. His job is the only thing that is keeping him going, after he lost his young son in leukemia and his marriage ended. But this is not the only tragedy that have struck Sean, he also lost his partner Detective Dave Besson ( Kim Coates ) while they visited a criminal gang. Captain Trahan ( Tom Berenger ), assigns Sean to investigate a series of murders involving victims who have been burned.

I am actually quite surprised. Not that this film brings anything new to the table, but as a cop action film, i would have to say that Sinners And Saints actually does two things right. First of all you do have a great lead character here named Detective Sean Riley , played by actor Johnny Strong. Detective Sean is tough, have no problem getting violent, and he does not take any shit from any wise guys, and this is exactly what a film like this needs. The second detail that this film does right is use a lot of gun shootings. And this reminds me of old school cop films, wich makes this film quite fun to watch. I have to mention that they actually made an effort to bring in a great cast into this film. You have legendary actors such as Tom Berenger ( who i love in the 1993 action classic Sniper, a must see ), Sean Patrick Flanery ( who most people worldwide have seen in the cult film The Boondock Saints ), Kim Coates and even Method Man. And since we are already talking about the actors, let´s talk about what characters who does a good job. I already mentioned that the lead character works well, so we should mention actor Kevin Phillips ( who some of you might recognize from the Michael Jai White action film Blood And Bone ) who plays Detective Will Ganz. He is actually a great partner to Detective Sean, so these characters match well as they go out to clean the streets from criminals. Legendary actor Tom Berenger is actually great as Captain Trahan, and i wish we could have seen more of him. The plot is not really anything special, but that´s ok. This is a classic cop action film that will be appreciated for those who enjoy the cop films of the early 90´s. Director William Kaufman brings back the classic cop concept with Sinners And Saints, and he does a pretty good job, even if i wish he could have made this film even more brutal. If you just want to see lots of guns, and a cop film combined, then i don´t see any reason why you should not check out Sinners And Saints.

Rating: DDD

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