onsdag 6 januari 2021

Sky Sharks

We have a saying in Sweden, when a man is looking for a wife, and that is the following:

:- May she love shark B movies, and i will love her for all eternity.

This saying actually works, because i don´t think i would be married if it was not for my wifes passion for B shark films. I remember one of the first films i saw in her appartment, when we met back in 2004, and that was Red Water on DVD. You have a cast of wonderful actors such as Lou Diamond Phillips, Kristy Swanson and hip hop artist Coolio, being attacked by a shark, what more could you ask for? And one of the first things i told my future wife when i was invited in her appartment was :- I can´t believe this is my favourite film as well. This turned out to be the best pick up line ever, cause right after that we became a couple, thanks to Red Water on DVD. So to all you single men out there, if you want to find marriage, my best advice is to find a woman who loves shark B movies, and you will live in happiness forever. Shark movies have turned out to be very entertaining, in many different formats and genres. Especially in the low budget section, there you have a lot of fun stuff to discover, if you have not seen the catalogue of choices. Of course i could easily mention Sharknado, because we all know that´s the greatest shark franchise ever, but let´s talk about a completely different film instead. The 2015 film 3-Headed Shark Attack, turned out to be a much better sequel than the first film 2-Headed Shark Attack. And i think it helped with a great cast with actors such as Danny Trejo ( the original Machete ), professional wrestler Rob Van Dam and Baywatch actor Jaason Simmons. 3-Headed Shark Attack tells the story of marine biologists Dr. Tell Nelsson ( Jaason Simmons ) and Laura Thomas ( Jena Sims ), who try and find a way to survive against the 3-Headed Shark, after their underwater research facility Persephone, is attacked and destroyed. A fun B action movie with fun characters, and worth picking up on DVD or Blu Ray. For quite a long time i have heard about the B movie known as Sky Skarks being made, through a Kickstarter campaign. It took a while for a release date, but i finally got myself a copy from Njutafilms. Is this the best way to start the new year of 2021, or is Sky Sharks not as good as i was hoping it would be ?

In the icy Antarctic, a small group of mercenaries discover a hidden experimentation complex. Deep within the lair, genetic experiments were conducted on sharks and undead soldiers, where they create weaponized, flying sharks. These sky sharks are controlled by dead nazi soldiers, who are prepared for world domination. The only way to stop this, is through Dr. Klaus Richter ( Thomas Morris ), who knows a way to stop the nazis, with the help of his two daughters, Diabla ( Eva Habermann ), Angelique ( Barbara Nedeljakova ) and their team members, with their own secret weapon.

Right after a nice calm start on a big airplane, we get a really wonderful gory feast with nazi zombies attacking passengers, from their flying nazi sharks. And you know what, i love the concept. Because that is the right way to introduce your concept for a film, you can´t go wrong with dead nazis and shark nazis as well. But if you this part is the only good part of Sky Sharks, it gets even better as the film goes on. We are thrown right into a world of technology, that looks inspired by the 80´s and 90´s, with a more modern touch. And i love the idea of mixing all of this together, with a lot of gore and nazi zombies included. In some ways, i would probably call Sky Sharks the film that will bring us hope in 2021. This film have everything you could wish for when it comes to making people feel inspired, because once you see these sky sharks attack with missiles, you realise that this is the best way to combine an inspirational story, that people all over the world will feel a connection to. Let´s get into the characters for a bit. German actor Detlef Bothe ( who some of you might remember from films such as Baltic Storm, where Donald Sutherland was also included in the cast ) plays the character Dr. Hans Kammler. He is definetely the right choice for this character. Legendary actor Thomas Morris ( who most of you remember from Steven Spielber´s classic Schindler´s List ) plays the character Dr. Klaus Richter. He is without a doubt one of the characters in this film that you get to connect with, on a more personal level. There are a lot of cameos here from legendary actors such as Amanda Bearse ( Fright Night ), Tony Todd ( Candyman ), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ( Mortla Kombat ) and many more, who give us some special highlights. The action scenes are cheesy, very bloody, and i can´t help but feeling a lot of joy for a film such as this, a tribute to the VHS era of my childhood. There is even a reference here to Universal Soldier here, with a scene that you might remember with Dolph Lundgren ( i won´t reveal it, but it´s really fun ). Director Marc Fehse does not take anything seriously with Sky Sharks, and this is why this is such a fun movie to watch. He is clearly inspired by a lot of classics, but manage to do his own film with some different and creative ideas. Sky Sharks should be watched by everyone, and please support the film by buying the film on DVD or Blu Ray, because we need a sequel. So we can make sure that a young generation will have quality films in the future, just like Sky Sharks.

Rating: DDDD

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