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A Werewolf In England

I don´t know about you, but whenever i think about England, i think about the sexiest British sport ever, and that is of course watching dart. To watch PDC World Darts Championship on TV, is the closest thing you will ever have to experience a true orgasm ( at least for me, i might be one of the few here in Sweden, i will have to do some research on this ). Just to see someone throw the darts in an incredible speed, is a lot more sensual than i ever would have expected. And believe me, i have seen a lot of good hot stuff on TV over the years, but nothing beats the PDC World Darts Championship, it´s just one of those moments in life you can´t be without. I have been to England 3 times so far, or should i say to London 3 times. I have had some good times there, and perhaps the best time was actually in september of 2018, when me and my sister went to London to see American rock band Garbage at Brixton Academy. But we also went to a lot of pubs, breweries and tried both different beer and whiskey, and more pubs again ( even Swedish vikings are thirsty, or we have no idea what we are doing ). One of the things i especially remember was my first time in London back in December of 2002. I was just there for a short while, because i was planning to continue my journey to Scotland, Edinburgh. Let´s just say i did get on the plane, but maybe a bit too drunk to even find the gate ( a Scottish couple helped me though, after my pub round in London ). So as you can see i have only good things to say about London. But when i think about films that includes England, i am always reminded of one of the best werewolf films of all time, of course known as An American Werewolf In London from director John Landis. This film is both really well made, have really well made practical effects ( especially the werewof transformation scene ) and the horror elements works really well. If you love werewolves, this is one of those films you have to see. I have been hearing about a werewolf film last year, that looked very interesting. With a title of A Werewolf In England, this sounded exactly what i wanted to see in early 2021. Is this the best werewolf film since Dog Soldiers, or was i hoping too much on a new British werewolf film  ?

Parish Councillor Horace Raycraft ( Tim Cartwright ) is transporting Archie Whittock ( Reece Connolly ) to court. Archie claims he is innocent, but Horace is determined to make sure he will get there on time. A storm forces them to take shelter at The Three Claws, an inn in the middle of nowhere. Innkeepers Martha Hogwood ( Emma Spurgin Hussey ) and her brother Vincent Hogwood ( Barrington De La Roche ) welcome the new guests. But these guests don´t know, that at The Three Claws, their visit here is about to take a completely different turn.

Since i have been a big fan of werewolf films since the 80´s, i have to say that A Werewolf In England is definetely one of the better titles i have seen in recent years. And it´s not because of the horror that makes this film is so good, it is because of a lot of funny scenes. This film manage to find a way to make fun of the werewolf genre, in a quite pleasant way. And it´s not only the werewolves that are funny to watch, i have to say that some of the characters in this film are really funny as well ( especially in some crazy scenes ). You get a lot of blood, and even a cut off werewolf hand attacking people ( Evil Dead 2 reference perhaps ? ) Speaking of the characters, we should talk about them for a while. Actor Reece Connolly as the character Archie Whittock, is one of those personalities that makes this film charming. He is such a nice fellow, and he is clearly not prepared for what´s to come, and Reece give a performance filled with funny body language, and funny dialogue as well. Actor Tim Cartwright ( who is also in the great horror film The Barge People, that i reviewed last year ) plays the loud mouth character Horrace Raycraft, also bring some golden comedy moments into this film. Actress Natalie Martins deliver a lovely performance as young mother Jane, a woman filled with passion and a big heart. One of my absolute favourite characters in A Werewolf In England, is without a doubt the character known as Vincent Hogwood, played by wonderful actor Barrington De La Roche. This character is so funny, that i found myself laughing a lot of times throughout this film, when Vincent deliver his brilliant dialogue. The practical make up effects bring a certain charm to this film, since you can tell that they really tried to do everything in an old school way. The location of The Three Claws fits really well with the plot, and let´s not forget the werewolf costumes. I think they have done a really good job with the costumes, considering that they had a limited budget to work with. Director Charlie Steeds is clearly one of the directors that i feel can bring hope into independent horror films, with such great titles as Winterskin and The Barge People in his catalogue. A Werewolf In England is without a doubt my favourite film so far from Charlie, because he manage to bring back the werewolf genre back on track. This film may not be a future classic such as Dog Soldiers. but this is a damn funny horror comedy that you should buy on DVD, if you are a werewolf fan. What are you waiting for? Go get A Werewolf In England on DVD right now, and i promise you will have a really fun night.

Rating: DDDD

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