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A Christmas Movie Review July Tribute To Tony: Christmas On My Mind

There are some friends in life that match you so well, that you can talk to them about anything, no matter what the subject is. You can sit there and listen to Sting Greatest Hits, and know that we both feel the same way, that with Sting you feel like coming home, to the place you love more than anything. And this is exactly how i felt about Tony when i met him, 17 years ago. We had no idea we both loved Sting, but we did, and that is why we matched so well. But there was one secret Tony was hiding that i did not know, that every July in summer, he celebrate Christmas In July. Tony is obsessed with celebrating Christmas In July, and i can give you some perfect images of that . Last time we visited his home in July in 2020, he had 12 different Santa Claus statues outside the front gate of his house, christmas lights that covered the whole house, a fake snow machine, pouring out fake snow where he used to run around, hugging the fake snow. He also had the Hanson christmas album playing in the background ( wich i can understand why, no one has ever made a better christmas album than Hanson, that´s just the truth ). So one day when i came home to Tony ( i believe it was July 15th last year, he already prepared for us to dress up as Santa Claus and sing christmas songs for his neighbors. Let´s just say that the neighbors locked their doors, they probably thought that we members of Feministiskt Intiativ, the most religious political party ever in Swedish history. So we ended up skating on his own built ice skating ranch. I can understand why Tony loves to celebrate Christmas In July, it is cozy, it is relaxing and you don´t have to stress. You can just enjoy the christmas spirit. So a couple of weeks ago, as Tony started to prepare for his Christmas In July event, he asked me to review one of his favourite Christmas films of all time, and that is the christmas movie called Christmas On My Mind from 2019. I have never heard about this film before, but Tony said that i have to see it, and review it as well. So i finally sat down to watch the Hallmark film, to see if it is as good as Tony have said. Could this be the next christmas classic, or is Christmas On My Mind about as fun as listening to The Secrets Of Mathmetics from Oxford University?

Lucy Lovett ( Ashley Greene ) have just picked up her wedding dress, and on her way down the street, she slips and hit her head on the icy street. Her memory is blurry, as she can´t really remember what have happened for the last 2 years. Not knowing who her future husband really is, she must find a way to get her memory back.

I know Tony you love this film, and i know you have seen it more than most films ( if i remember correctly you saw this film 15 times, since it was released ). But i have to be honest, writing this review.

Christmas On My Mind is a very typical Hallmark film, with everything that you could guess for, such as a lot of romance, fancy clothes, lots of christmas decorations, and a holiday spirit in the air. And if you love this, then you will definetely enjoy Christmas On My Mind, just like Tony does. My problem with this film, is that it really does not deliver more than the usual concept of a Hallmark film. Maybe i have seen too many films that reminds me of this film, or maybe i had very high expectations, since Tony loves this film so much. I can understand why Tony enjoy this film in some ways, there are some charming actors in this film such as Alvin Sanders ( who some of you will recognize from the TV series Riverdale ), and we have to mention wonderful actress Donna Benedicto ( that fans of TV series Supergirl will recognize for sure ). Lead actress Ashley Greene ( known as Alice Cullen in the Twilight franchise ) does bring some charm with her character Lucy Lovett, but other than that you can´t really connect to her character a lot. She looks fantastic, and i am sure she is a wonderful person, but as the lead character, she does not give a strong performance. What about male actors Andrew W. Walker ( who played Cole Harper in Sabrina The Teenage Witch ) and Preston Vanderslice ? I would probably say that they are ok, but don´t expect any powerful acting scenes with any of them. The idea behind the story of main character Lucy, who hit her head and loose her memory is actually not a bad idea. This could have made the christmas story a bit different, if they only used the plot in a different way than most Hallmark films. Unfortunately, they choose to go in a typical Hallmark direction, without any surprises. Director Maclain Nelson ( who was executive producer on the Mythica films ) deliver a christmas film that will most likely be loved by Hallmark addicts. It´s not an awful film, but does not have a lot to offer to the audience. Christmas On My Mind may always be close to Tony´s heart, but i could easily skip this one and choose a christmas movie, that´s more in my taste.

Rating: DD

Here is the IMDB page for Christmas On My Mind if you are interested knowing more about the film:

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