torsdag 29 juli 2021

Tom Clancy´s Without Remorse

I remember back in the early 90´s, when my grandfather gave me a book by author Tom Clancy. The title of the book was Patriot Games. I knew about author Tom Clancy from our local library, and i did see the film The Hunt From Red October, based on the novel of author Tom Clancy. But the book that my grandfather gave me, was going to be released into a film with legendary actor Harrison Ford. I think he knew that i would be interested in this novel, since the main character Jack Ryan seemed to be the kind of hero that i loved in films, so he definetely knew what kind of books i enjoyed. The novel Patriot Games tells the story of history teacher Jack Ryan, who intervenes a kidnapping attempt on the Prince and Princess of Wales and their infant son at the Mall of London. Jack incapacitating one of the attackers, Sean Miller, and killing the other, John Michael McRory. Ryan is shot in the shoulder, while Sean Miller is arrested. While recovering from his wounds, Ryan is honored by the British government and is knighted. Meanwhile, Sean Miller manage to escape while he is being transported to a maximum security prison in the Isle Of Wright, as he vows revenge on Ryan. Even if it was a long time ago i read this book, i remember that i thought it was really good, and especially the character of Jack Ryan. I did see the film adaptation, also called Patriot Games, with legendary actor Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan. Even if this film turns 30 years old next year, Patriot Games from 1992 is one of those classic 90´s films that will continue to entertain audiences. I did read that author Tom Clancy was not pleased with the film adaptation of Patriot Games, for a number of reasons. I still think the film turned out to be great, so i accept that Tom had his own opinions, we have to be able to speak out how we feel. Tom Clancy continued releasing more novels, and i only read Patriot Games. There are several films based on Tom Clancy´s novels, and we have a new film adaptation from the novel Without Remorse. I have no idea if the book is good, but i did became curious to see the film adaptation, when i read that actor Michael B. Jordan ( from the really good 2013 drama Fruitvale Station, and the Creed films of course ) was cast as the lead actor. Considering that he have been really good in both Creed films as well, seeing him in an action film would be interesting. Is this one of the best film adaptations from a Tom Clancy novel so far, or is Without Remorse a proof that this genre is no longer as interesting as it used to be?

In Aleppo, a team of US Navy SEALs, including Senior Chief John Kelly ( Michael B. Jordan ), rescue a CIA operative taken hostage by a suspected pro-Assad paramilitary group. The situation escalates as the SEALs discover that the captors are actually Russian. Three months later, several members of the SEALs team are killed by Russian FSB operatives. One night John´s wife Pam Kelly ( Lauren London ) is killed as well, including their baby ( who was still in her belly ). John is shot down but manage to survive. His world have now fallen apart, with his family murdered. He only have one thing on his mind, hunt down the responsible and make sure they pay the prize.

If you enjoyed the 90´s films Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger with legendary actor Harrison Ford, i have some good news for you. Tom Clancy´s Without Remorse feels like an old school action film, that have all the right elements to make it a fun ride. You can feel the Tom Clancy atmosphere in this film, and you have all the classic ingredients that you recognize from previous films. Of course, this film is a bit more updated into the world today, and that is actually good. The plot itself is in no way original, or refreshing, but since since we are talking about a film based on a novel of author Tom Clancy, you want that classic formula that worked in the films of the past. So how is lead actor Michael B. Jordan in the role as John Kelly? He have no problems at all portraying a man who seeks revenge on the men who killed his wife and child. The thing i especially like about Michael is that he actually looks very serious in this role, and that fits well with the portrait of John, as he is grieving the tragic death of his family. If you want a film like this one to be effective, you have to make sure you have a serious portrait of the main character. We have other great performances in this film from legendary actor Guy Pearce and Jamie Bell ( who does not remember him from the British war horror movie Deathwatch? A must see, pick it up on DVD ). I have to mention actress Jodie Turner-Smith as the character Karen Greer. The scenes with her and Michael B Jordan, includes some of the best dialogue conversations, and i feel that Jodie really tried to give an honest portrait of this character. The action scenes are well made, and when the speed finally kicks in, we do get some fun violent moments, that especially fans of Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger will enjoy. I would say that there are Jack Ryan vibes in this film, even if the story is different. Director Stefano Sollima ( who have directed several Italian crime TV series, including Sicario 2 ) manage to bring back the classic Tom Clancy story telling that we are familiar with since the 90´s. This may not be the best film adaptation of the Tom Clancy books so far, but i am actually surprised how well this film works as an action film. If you enjoy the novels and the previous film adaptations, then you should check out Without Remorse on Amazon Prime. Definetely a great choice this summer, especially if you are fed up with all the latest Hallmark films, and need some bigger balls.

Rating: DDD

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