torsdag 1 juli 2021

Jakob´s Wife

Vampires, the fearless creatures of the night, who feeds on human blood. In Hollywood we have seen so many classic vampire films, starting off with legendary actor Max Schreck in the 1922 film Nosferatu. But it was in the year of 1931 when a film called Dracula took the world by storm, with legendary actor Bela Lugosi who played the iconic character Count Dracula. I have seen the 1931 film, many years ago on VHS ( i believe i saw it in 1993 ). It is quite a unique horror film, considering that it was very different from many horror films of that time, and Bela Lugosi really performed wonderful as Count Dracula. But it was the 1958 film Dracula, that i really fell in love with the iconic horror character Dracula, played brilliant by legendary actor Christopher Lee. Directed by Terence Fisher ( who directed a lot of horror films for the legendary British film production company Hammer Films ), this film tells the story of Jonathan Harker ( John Van Eyssen ), who in the year of 1885, travel to the castle of Count Dracula ( Christopher Lee ). At the castle, Jonathan is startled by a young woman who claims that she is a prisoner, and needs his help. Dracula enters the room, greets Jonathan and guides him to his room. The real reason why Jonathan have travelled to this castle, is to kill Count Dracula. The 1958 film Dracula is still today one of the horror films i can watch again, and still feel the tension in the air as Christopher Lee deliver a performance that is magical. I still feel that he is the best at portraying Dracula, even if i loved Gary Oldman´s performance in the 1992 film Bram Stoker´s Dracula. Christoper Lee portrayed Dracula in 6 more films, all worth checking out. Speaking of great actors, there is one iconic horror actress that deserves more respect in the horror community, for all the work she have done over the years. And that is legendary actress Barabra Crampton ( most known for her legendary performances in films such as Re-Animator and From Beyond ). For quite some time i have heard some positive reviews of her film Jakob´s Wife, a vampire horror film, that seems to be different than most films in this genre. I finally got a chance to see the film on VOD, to see if this film is as good as some critics have said. Is this one of the best horror films of 2021, or have i had too high expectations of this film?

Pastor Jakob Fedder ( Larry Fessenden ) have been married to his wife Anne Fedder ( Barbara Crampton ) for over 30 years. Anne have not realised it yet, but as she goes on with her ordinary day life that includes work out videos and gardening, nothing else is really happening in her life. It´s like time is standing still, and she needs to do something else. She talks to her old friend Tom Low ( Robert Rusler ), who she have known from teenage years. After a slightly flirty meal, Anne and Tom go to check out the site of a community project that Tom is booked to work on. As they are close at having an affair, Anne and Tom are both attacked by a vampire. Anne is still alive, as she returns home to her husband, and he notice that she is no longer herself.

If you love the 1985 film Fright Night, then you are going to love Jakob´s Wife. These films may not have a lot in common, but i feel like Jakob´s Wife may have found a little bit of inspiration from Fright Night, and that is one detail that i i really appreciate with this film. But there is so much more to be happy about when it comes to Jakob´s Wife. The practical make up effects looks absolutely wonderful on the vampires, it is like going back to the old school vampire films of the past. You really feel that they wanted to show their respect to classic vampire films in Jakob´s Wife, and the result is far better than i expected. They actually look creepy, just like vampires used to do in classic films. We have to talk about the performance of legendary actress Barbara Crampton. I can honestly say, that her performance in this film, is without a doubt one of the best acting performances i have seen this year so far. Her portrait of the character Anne Fedder is absolutely fantastic, and i have to admit that this may be her best acting performance in her career so far. You really feel that Barbara Crampton went really deep into her character, to be able to give the performance that she does in this film. Her emotions through facial expressions, and body language, shows what an amazing actor she is. I really think she deserves to be nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Jakob´s Wife, and i really hope that this could become reality. Actor Larry Fessenden who plays the character Pastor Jakob Fedder, also give a wonderful acting performance. This may actually be the best acting performance i have seen from Larry so far in his film career, and i have seen quite many of his films. As a horror film, Jakob´s Wife manage to balance the vampire elements in a very clever and simple way, by telling a story that feels both fascinating, and beautiful as well. And the portait of a married couple in crisis, match very well with the characters, as they go through a completely different phase in their marriage, as Anne feeds on blood. Jakob´s Wife is not only the best horror film i have seen this year so far, but director Travis Stevens may be one of the few directors who have taken the vampire genre very serious, and made one of the most beautiful vampire films in the last 29 years ( since Francis Ford Coppola´s Dracula film in 1992 ). The year is only halfway through, and i can say that Jakob´s Wife is definetely on my list of best films of 2021, a must own on DVD or Blu Ray.

Rating: DDDD

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