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Summer B Movie Madness With Daniel: It Lives Inside

Every summer, i especially take some time to watch independent horror films. I have always had a tradition, that summer time match so well with low budget horror films, no matter if we are talking about grindhouse horror, slasher films, creature horror, i welcome all genres. One of the reasons why i have such a big passion for independent horror, is that these films actually create something interesting, compared to big budget CGI effect films. They have a limited budget that makes their job a little bit more difficult ( not saying that big budget films are difficult to make, but at least they have a bigger budget to spend than independent horror ), so i really respect independent horror directors who try and make films with mostly practical effects. Speaking of CGI effects, they do show up in some scenes in some independent horror films, depending on what kind of story that´s being told, and CGI effects may be included for a certain reason. And i am ok with that, as long as the CGI effects are not too bad. Unfortunately, some independent horror films rely too much on CGI effects, and try and make their films scary, when the bad CGI effects cause more damage instead. A perfect example of this is the 2019 horror film Demon Eye ( i have written a review of this film in my blog, feel welcome to check it out ). Demon Eye does have an interesting story, and this film could have been good, if the right elements were used correctly. The downfall for Demon Eye are the horrible CGI effects, and those who know me personally know that i can accept bad CGI, if it´s done with passion. But there is no passion in Demon Eye, they wasted a potential good film idea. I can not recommend Demon Eye, but i will say this, if anyone wanted to remake a film, then i do believe that this film could possibly turn out to be a great choice. I was sitting down recently and going through a list of B movies that are avaible to check out for free on YouTube, and i came across a film called It Lives Inside. Not knowing anything about this film, i decided to check it out and review this film to my segment Summer B Movie Madness With Daniel. Is this a fun independent horror film that is surprisingly good, or is this just as bad as Coolio´s album El Cool Magnifico from 2002?

The Man ( Rett Terrell ) is injured, and having problems with his relationship with his partner The Woman ( Alissa Ford ), and they have a baby called Kaleb. Problems within their relationship seems to be getting even worse, when she discover that Kaleb have bruises on his body, and confront her partner about it. He have no idea what happened to Kaleb, and things are about to get even worse when he starts to drink more, as he starts to believe he is seeing dark shadows.

Going into a film such as It Lives Inside, i think it´s important not to hold too high expectations. This is a low budget horror film that does not deliver something fresh, or original. I would say that this film does have an interesting plot, but i have to be honest. This is one of the most boring horror films i have seen in quite some time. It takes a very long time until something happens, and when it finally does, you won´t feel that interested anymore. One of the biggest issues i have is actually lead actor Rett Terrell. This is the first film i have seen him acting in so far, even if i noticed on IMDB that he have done several films in the past. Unfortunately, he is not a good lead actor in It Lives Inside. He does not show much emotions at all, or you don´t feel engaged in his character. One of the few actors that at least make some kind of effort, is actress Alissa Ford as the partner to the lead character. Even if she does not give a strong performance, she does a better job portraying her character than actor Rett Terrell. So is there anything positive to say about It Lives Inside at all? Very few details, such as when the lead character believe he is seeing shadows. Interesting idea, but the bad CGI effects makes those scenes feel laughable instead. The ending of the film may actually be the best part of the film, that´s actually alright. It Lives Inside does not even try to be a good horror film, they just make everything as easy as possible. If it wasn´t for actress Alissa Ford, i have a feeling this film would have gotten my lowest grade. Directors Sean Bingham and Jeff Hall ( they needed two directors two make this film? ) could have made a good horror film with the plot for It Lives Inside, but they make absolutely no effort to make this film effective in any way. If you got nothing to watch, go to the YouTube channel Watch Movies Now! and have a look around. I am pretty sure you can find a better film to watch than It Lives Inside.

Rating: DD

If you still want to watch It Lives Inside on the YouTube Channel Watch Movies Now!, here is the link to see this film:


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