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The Convent ( Heretiks )

Since i love travelling, you get to remember a lot of different things about every country you visit. And every country has different things to offer, no matter if it is food, culture, historical locations or of course alcohol. But certain details that happen while you travel, are the unexpected moments that you will especially remember. And i especially remember in Prague, Czech Republic, when i was in the old town of Prague, walking down a hill. And in a small red car, was a Nun driving fast as hell. In fact, i have never seen anyone drive as fast as she did. And i remember how i laughed, as i was watching her drive like she was in a race competition, it reminded me of the Cannonball Run films with Burt Reynolds. Speaking of Nuns, we have seen them in several films in different categories. Some of you might remember the 1990 British comedy classic Nuns On The Run, with actors Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane. A funny film that still is charming. Of course we also have the Whoppi Goldberg classic Sister Act, released in 1992. The story of lounde singer Delores Van Cartier, who is a witness to murder, is forced to be kept hidden under witness protection. She is placed in a church of Nuns, where she will change their lives completely. Sister Act is a 90´s classic, and probably one of the most famous Nuns films. When it comes to horror films with a Nun, i think most people will about The Conjuring 2. This is where we were introduced to the Demon Nun, when paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren see in a vision that her husband Ed is impaled, while she encounter the Demon Nun. Of course we had a film released last year, based on the story of the Demon Nun, simply called The Nun. This is not a bad film, but compared to The Conjuring films then i feel that The Nun failed to deliver some really scary moments. I recently came across a film on VOD called The Convent, a horror film that tells the story of a Nuns in the year of 1659, in England. Is this a suprisingly effective horror film, or is The Convent a film that fails to tell a religious inspired story ?

In the seventeeth century, a young woman, Persephone ( Hannah Arterton ) is falsely accused, arrested and put on trial for her life. Her fate seems sealed but for the timely intervention of a stranger, the mysterious Reverend Mother ( Claire Higgins ), who offers Persephone not just sanctuary but hope. Reverend Mother is a self-appointed leader for a small religious retreat, where she and fellow Sisters can devote their lives to the Lord. But as Persephone arrives, she is about to find out that an evil entity are hiding inside these dark walls…..

One of the things i notice with The Convent, is how brutal this film is. There are a lot of brutal scenes, where we get a lot blood, flesh wounds, and even eyes ripped out. Those of you who have read my reviews for many years now, you probably noticed that i really appreciate practical special effects. There are practical effects here as well, but not as much as i was hoping for. Most brutal scenes include CGI effects, where some work and some does not feel as effective. The religious tone of this film, is something that works well with the environment of the year 1659. The dark Church, with the cold atmosphere, is exactly what a film like this needs. Let´s talk about the acting for a bit. For the most part the acting is ok ( except for a few exceptions ), but there are a few actors that stands out especially. Legendary English actress Claire Higgins ( who i remember especially from the first Hellraiser film, and on Rogue TV series ) gives her character Reverend Mother a strong personality. English actress Rosie Day ( who some of you might remember from the British horror film Howl ) does a pretty solid performance as Sister Emeline. I have to mention that legendary actor Michael Ironiside is here, but for a very short while unfortunately. I would have loved to see him in more scenes, but i am still happy he is a part of this film. The story may not feel very original, but the creepy atmosphere with the evil entity showing up at some occations, actually works with the environment. Director Paul Hyett ( who directed the great British werewolf film Howl ), have made a horror film that may not give anything new to the table. But as a historical horror film with a classic old school concept, i feel that he knows how to do this genre in a respectful way. Is this as good as his horror film Howl ? No, i think that film had stronger characters and a more interesting story. I still feel that The Convent is worth your time, if you are a horror fan and enjoyed the 2018 film The Nun. One thing is certain, i will not be visiting any Nuns for quite some time, not unless i have a shotgun near me.

Rating: DDD

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