fredag 7 juni 2019

Captain Marvel

I love to see actors who dare to try different types of characters, and in different genres. If you are willing to explore different types of characters as an actor, you have a bigger chance of becoming more interesting for people who love films in all categories. Just look at actress Brie Larson, and she is a perfect example of a woman who is not afraid to go in different directions. One of the earliest memories i have of her, is in the drama film Tanner Hall, released in 2009. This film tells the story of Fernanda ( played by actress Rooney Mara ) who enters her senior year at Tanner Hall, a boarding school in New England who is about to experience a big change in her friend circle. Tanner Hall is a well made film, and manage to tell a story about young women, from their perspective facing reality. She also did a great performance in the action comedy 21 Jump Street ( based on the classic 80´s TV series with the same name ), released in 2012. A great comedy and the chemistry between lead actors Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum works really well. But it was in 2015 when Brie Larson really got a chance to shine in the very emotional drama film Room, a film that would change her career forever. Room is one of the best drama films i have seen from the year of 2015, that tells the story of Young mother Joy, and her 5-year-old son Jack, who live inside a room and is not allowed to go out. They are captives of an old man they call " Old Nick ". This is a very emotional film, about how this mother and son are trapped by a very disturbed man and how they manage to live each day with only being inside a room. Director Danny Cohen have made a film that is very important, because this has happened several times, such as the Josef Fritzl case. If you have not seen Room, i suggest you pick up a DVD copy or on Blu Ray, it is a film you will not forget. When i heard last year that Brie was going to become Captain Marvel in a new film, based on the comic book character, i was pleased. She felt like the right choice for this character, and a lot of Marvel films in the past have turned out to be very good. Is this one of the best films of actress Brie Larson´s career so far, or is Captain Marvel not as strong as i hoped it would be ?

The year is 1995, and on the Kree Empire´s capital planet Hala, Starforce member Vers ( Brie Larson ) suffers from amnesia and recurring nightmares involving an older woman. Commander Yon-Rogg ( Jude Law ) is her mentor, and trains her to control her abilities. During a mission to rescue an undercover operative infiltrating a group of Skulls, aliens shapeshifters who are at war against Kree.,Vers is captured by Skulls commander Talos ( Ben Mendelsohn ). Vers manage to escape from Talos spaceship and crash lands on Earth. Vers tries to communicate with Yon-Rogg to inform them where she is located. But the soldiers of Commander Talos have followed her to Earth, as she seems to be getting flashbacks of her earlier life. It seems that she have been a pilot on Earth back in 1989. Her presence attracts S.H.I.E.L.D agent Nick Fury ( Samuel L. Jackson ) who helps her against the Soldiers of Commander Talos. But is there another threat than Talos and his men, and has she really been told the truth about her past ?

If you enjoy other films of Marvel characters, i guarantee you will have a good time with Captain Marvel. This is another high quality Marvel film, with some really good action scenes and actually some funny scenes as well. Even the serious moments works pretty good as well, and still manage to capture the right balance of a comic book adaptation. Actress Brie Larson does a really good performance as Captain Marvel, and i especially enjoy the scenes where she is kicking ass. Brie shows why she is such a great actress, who can take on all genres and manage to do so, almost on the same quality level as Wonder Woman had. But let´s be honest, Brie is not the only good actor here. Samuel L. Jackson is back as Nick Fury, and he have no problem making another really good performance. I have to say actor Jude Law is better than i expected as the character Commander Yon-Rogg and probably give one of his better performances in recent years here in Captain Marvel. There are some other good performances i have not mentioned here as well, but let´s get into the best parts of this film. The fighting scenes feels both intensive and looks great. You can tell they have tried to make each fight to be designed on a high quality level. Battle scenes with weapons is also something that manage to work as well, with some really cool characters joining the battle. The CGI scenes works well, especially the flying scenes. Almost feels like a mixture of Top Gun and Star Wars combined. The alien shapeshifters is another cool detail about this film, made me think of Critters 2 ( a classic horror comedy from 1988 ). Let´s not forget the 90´s soundtrack, especially when i hear Garbage classic song I´m Only Happy When It Rains, a perfect choice for this film. Captain Marvel have a lot to offer, especially for Marvel fans and i am already looking forward to a sequel. A really good action film for everyone to see on DVD and Blu Ray this summer, Captain Marvel is exactly what you need after a visit from the beach, and hopefully some lovely drinks are included.

Rating: DDDD

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