måndag 17 juni 2019

Demon Eye

Demons, the evil creatures that lurkes in the shadow of darkness, are not to play with. Unfortunately this is something that The Dansband Society does not seem to understand in Sweden. Every time we have a dansband ( Swedish styled music, beyond horrible ) played live, the demons make people go insane. Some people roll around as if they are demon possessed, some people fly up in to the roof while some people begin to talk ancient demonic words, and it is all because of dansband music. Demons love this music, that is why a portal to hell opens up every time one of these satanic bands play. So the only way to make everything normal again is to play Ursprung Buam, an Austrian folk music band who defeat demons with their wonderful Tyrol songs. When it comes to films that bring up demons, or some evil entity we have a lot of films titles to choose between. I could probably mention a couple of ones, but i think this time i would like to focus on one film, that probably none of you have seen. A film released in 2010 known as The Shrine. An independent horror film from director John Knautz. This film is about two female journalists, and a photographer who travel to Poland to investigate a missing person. This is a well made horror film, and the demonic fight towards in the end is really fun with lots of gore. I have to mention that i love that this film uses a very old village as location, with polish accents during their religious sacrifices. The dark locations also feel right for the atmosphere of this film. If you have not seen The Shrine, try and pick up the DVD. This is a film worth having in your collection, if you enjoy demonic horror films.I recently listened to a review of a British horror film known as Demon Eye, on the YouTube channel Geek Legion Of Doom. Since i enjoy demons ( especially if they love tea afternoons in the garden of course ), i had to take a look at this film. Is this a film you should check out, or is Demon Eye most likely a film no one will remember ?

Sadie ( Katie James ) return home to her father´s cabin after being away for a long time. Her father was found dead, suspected to hang himself. Sadie have no idea why he did this. At her father´s cabin, she meets local news paper worker John ( Darren Day ) who tell her they are looking for a photographer for their local news paper. Sadie agrees to begin work there, but since she discovered a mysterious amulet, she learns about the folklore of the Demon Girl. Somehow her father´s death seems connected to the Demon Girl. Some secrets are better kept hidden.

There is an interesting folklore story here in Demon Eye, that could have made this film more interesting. Unfortunately, this film have some problems that we need to talk about. First of all, there are a couple of scenes where we see the demon watch while walking from the lower floor ( and this demon is no dog, so i find this very strange ) The CGI scenes with the demon girl does not feel very effective. I understand that this is an independent film, but i have seen several low budget horror films that can make CGI scenes work on a lower budget. If the demon girl have been made more effective with CGI, i think the story could have been more effective as well. Let´s get into some positive things about Demon Girl. Actress Katie James, who plays the lead character Sadie gives this film a performance that works ( except for her jump scare scenes, she does not seem very frightened ). Actor Robert Hamilton may have one of the better acting performances in Demon Eye, as local news paper worker Dan. The location of this film is beautiful, with some really nice landscape locations. I also like the idea of the amulet, that the Demon Girl created before she was burned. You get a sense that this amulet is her passage way to our world, and who ever wears the amulet can use the Demon Girl for wishes. Even if i enjoyed certain details about Demon Girls, i can´t deny that this film fails to deliver as a horror film. You won´t be very scared, and the demonic girl does not feel as effective as she should have been. Director Ryan Simmons should have put more effort into the folklore story, and fixed the CGI effects. He does have a story here that sounds interesting on paper, but does not seem to work completely on camera. I suggest you see The Shrine on DVD instead, and see how a demon horror film should look like. Demon Eye have some potential ideas, but in the long run this is a film that will not be remembered for bringing anything interesting into this genre.

Rating: DD

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