måndag 3 juni 2019

Another Pick For My Segment, Is It Really That Bad ? Python ( with Caspier Van Dien )

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, with lots of rain all over Sweden. No sun ? Have not seen it for over a year, i think it might have been when i was in Greece last year ( they had great Raki as well, almost like water, good for breakfast ). I have noticed that my segment Is It Really That Bad have been appreciated, especially Dracula 3000. I suppose there are people who enjoy this film, i don´t know why but i guess maybe Pat Robertson can answer that. So i was going through a list of films where critics have not been very positive ( except for a few who must love B movies ), and i came across the 2000 film known as Python. This is a B horror movie with Caspier Van Dien and Robert Englund, and a giant python snake ? Wow, this must be the masterpiece. I never saw this film back in 2000, even if i saw it on DVD shelves. But Since i seem to be good at picking up films we all want to see, i will be giving Python a chance on my segment Is It Really That Bad ? New movie reviews in June are on the way, so have a great week and remember, the perfect gift to your wife / girlfriend is a Blu Ray copy of Commando Ninja. See you soon!

Cheers from Daniel

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