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I still remember going downtown as a kid to our local VHS rental stores. I was too young to rent some titles on my own, but with some family friends of my parents they helped us pick violent, sexy action films. I especially remember the VHS cover of the science fiction action film Cherry 2000, with a very hot Melanie Griffith on the front. Trust me, any guy got a boner just by looking at that cover. Of course there were some horror films as well on VHS, and i especially remember the horror comedy Killer Klowns From Outer Space. This is one of those 80´s classics that combined creepy clowns and comedy in a very effective way. Directed by Stephen Chiodo ( who designed the Critters monsters ), this film tells the story of a clan of evil aliens, who all look like circus clowns. They travel to Earth to invade a small American town. One of the reasons why Killer Klowns From Outer Space is a cult film, is that this film actually managed to combine clowns and some crazy circus ideas. If you have not seen this film, i suggest you pick up the great Blu Ray release from Arrow Video, with some really nice special features included. Clowns in horror films have of course been made several times, and Another film i think is worth mentioning is the 2014 horror film known as Clown. Directed by Jon Watts. this film tells the story of a husband, who finds an old clown costume in a house he is preparing to sell. But once he wear this costume, he is actually turning into a clown demon. This film is a great horror film, and manage to tell the story of where the clown is originally from. Do you remember Sharknado ? Of course you do. What if you mixed a tornado with clowns, what would you get ? A Clownado of course. I got a chance to see this film thanks to director Todd Sheets, who sent me a digital viewing copy ( i really appreciated this Todd ). Is it possible Clownado is a future classic, or is this film not going to make any impact at all among horror fans ?

After being a victim of a horrible circus show, Savanna ( Rachel Lagen ) seeks revenge against the clowns who were a part of the show, lead by Big Ronnie ( John O´Hara ). Savanna visits Autumn Moonspell ( Jeanne Silver ) who helps her escape the clown ghouls by using a spell. But the spell has an unintented side-effect of giving the clowns tornado based supernatural abilities. Soon a group of strangers, including Hunter ( Bobby Westrick ), Elvis impersinator Dion ( Antwoine Steele ), stripper Bambi ( Dilynn Fawn Harvey ) and teen runaway Rachel ( Sierra Stodden ) are forced to face the evil clowns of the Clownado.

Do you remember how heart warm you felt back in 1993 watching Sleepless In Seattle with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan ? I guarantee you will get the same feeling when you watch Clownado. This is a throwback, to the glory days when VHS films were magical. Clownado feel like a tribute to a lot of classic films, with a Sharknado inspired plot included. Now let´s be fair, this is not the same as Sharknado, since this film manage to stand on it´s own legs. Clowns coming out of tornado´s ? I know, this is perhaps one of the most brilliant ideas ever in modern film history. So how does this film work with such a crazy combination ? It does for some strange reason. Let´s talk about some of the characters in Clownado. Clown character Big Ronnie, played by actor John O´Hara is without one of the strongest characters in this film. He is completely insane, and i love that he has no limits of brutality. Actress Dylinn Fawn Harvey as the stripper bad ass female character Bambi Fawn Taylor, is a perfect choice for her character. She looks fantastic, and i love her personality in this character. Actress Cayt Feinics as the psycho clown Satchel The Clown is exactly what you want at your Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary, to make sure everyone is having a good time. So if you are reading this review Cayt, i might ask you to show up at a future party here in Sweden ( we need a clown like you here ). Bobby Westrick as the bar happy character Hunter Fidelis, is the kind of guy you want by your side when clowns attack. He is like a cool mixture of 80´s classic Road House actor Sam Elliot, and Family Guy character Bruce. There are more characters i could mention, but let's get into some other details about this film that i enjoyed. There are a lot of brutal practical effects, and i appreciate the effort to make this film filled with brutal kills. Of course the tornado makes an important detail about this film. I would have liked to see some more tornado scenes with the clowns arriving, but maybe we can get that in a sequel. Director Todd Sheets clearly have a passion for B movies, and he proves this very clear with this film. If you appreciate independent horror films with a good sense of humour, then Clownado is your cup of tea guaranteed. There is no doubt, Clownado will make your summer feel like an orgasm, once you experienced it you just want more.

Rating: DDDD

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