onsdag 30 december 2020

The Top 3 Worst Movies Of 2020

Cheers everyone!

What a shitty year this have been, with the pandemic both taking lives away from us, a lot of people are now struggling with economy, no jobs and have no idea what the future will bring. Hopefully, my movie reviews have helped some of you out there get through some really bad days. 2020 offered both some really good films, but also some films that may not have been what i expected. Every year i love to hear other film critics lists of worst movies of the year. So of course i had to pick out a couple of films, that were really bad. Remember, it is ok if you don´t agree with me, this is just my personal opinion. So here we go, and the worst movies of 2020 are…..

1. 365 Days

Have you ever felt so ill, that you barely could get out of bed, not even for a glass a water, not knowing if you will survive at all? That is the exact same feeling you will feel if you choose to watch 365 Days. This film is not only the biggest trash you can see this year, but this film also shows you a perfect example of a story that makes no sense at all, have no realistic characters, and most of all....have actors that can´t even act ( even real porn actors act better than the actors in 365 Days ). This is a film that have absolutely nothing to offer, not even from an erotic perspective. If you hated Fifty Shades Of Grey, then trust me, you will despise 365 Days even more ( who would have thought that is even possible? )

2. The Reliant

What do you get if you throw in Trump supporters, gun supporters and evangelical Christians who clearly don´t know how to act in a serious drama film ? You get The Reliant, a film filled with so many clichés, that it feels like this film was made for one reason, and they could not even get the message out correctly. The American patriotism is seen everywhere, and as this film tries to make you feel sorry for Trump supporters, you end up feeling nothing at all. I don´t really see the point with The Reliant, it´s like sitting at a park looking at a tree, and nothing happens. You get exactly the same experience with The Reliant, sounds exciting right?

3. Latin Hitman

There was a time when actor Damian Chapa proved himself to be a great actor in the criminal drama film Blood In, Blood Out. That was in 1993, and now in 2020 he have a new action film out. If you hear the title Latin Hitman, it may sound pretty cool. But once you watch this film, you soon realise that this is not what you thought it would be. Imagine a hitman movie that includes fake shootings, bad edited fights, horrible songs in the background, and you pretty much have Latin Hitman. A film that is not supposed to be a comedy, but turns out to be so funny, while it tries to be too serious and dramatic. If you are looking for a film to help you get in a better mood, Latin Hitman should be what you are looking for.

There you go, my personal picks for the 3 worst movies of 2020. I hope you found this list helpful, and im looking forward to 2021 ( even though we still don´t know if some films will have a premiere yet ). Have a happy new year everyone,  and see you all in 2021. 

Cheers from Daniel 

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