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Gays, what would life be without them ? We would not have leather pants, The Blue Oyster Bar, sparkling tops and dick pasta. Hold on a second, straight people don´t like dick pasta ? Apperently not, unless we are talking about Gordon Klingenschmitt ( who loves gays more than anyone, and still talk about their sins ). I have been to gay clubs, where one gay guy touched my ass and my sister said :- You let him touch your ass ? I answered:- Chill out sister, he was happy, and i do have a great ass. I never had a problem with gay people, since i don´t consider them to be a problem. The real problem of this world is actually the films of Colin Nutley, and that Änglagård actually still exists. When we think about films that tell us about very important gay people, we have a lot of great films that i could mention. But i choose to pick one specific title, that i can always go back and watch and sill feel that this is a damn good film. The HBO film Behind The Candlebra, released in 2013, tells the story of legendary music entertainer Liberace ( brilliant played by legendary actor Michael Douglas, perhaps one of his best performances ever ) and the life he lived with his lover Scott Thorson ( Matt Damon ). This is a really powerful portrait of the life of Liberace, and Everything he did ti build his empire. Of course there was Another side of Liberace that the outside World did not see, and this film managed to show us that as well. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, this is in my opinion his best films, and Steven really gave us a worthy potrait of this legendary megastar. Have you ever Heard about photograper Robert Mapplethorpe ? In the art world he became very famous for his honest portrait of his love for men, and the BDSM subculture. I got a chance to see the latest film, based on his life. Since i enjoy seeing biographical films, is Mapplethorpe a well made film, or should this film have been much better ?

Robert Mapplethorpe ( Matt Smith ) is a young man, who loves to create art. He lives with his girlfriend Patti Smith ( Marianne Rendón ), where they created art together. In the late 60´s Mapplethorpe started taking photographs, and found his way to create art through pictures. He is very fascinated about naked men, and especially their genitals. In 1972, he met the art curator Sam Wagstaff ( John Benjamin Hickey ) who love the work of Mapplethorpe, and they become lovers. A serious relationship between Mapplethorpe and Sam grows deeper, and Sam helps Mapplethorpe with his photographs, to make sure his pictures is seen on more locations. Mapplethorpe is becoming more famous, with his provocative pictures. He have sex with models, and use drugs while having photo sessions. Can he contiue this life the way he does without consequences ?

When you have a portrait of a person who made a big impact in the world of art, it can be very difficult to make a film that give you an honest portrait of the person. In the case of Mapplethorpe, this is a film that gives you an on photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, and all the work he did. You can tell he had an eye for capturing pictures, in a very honest way. They may have been very raw, and dark, but had so much to tell. There are even some gay sex scenes here, that may offend some people. Let´s talk about the acting. Lead actor Matt Smith ( who especially British fans of TV series Doctor Who will recognize ) does a wonderful performance as Robert Mapplethorpe. It feels like he really tries to bring out a portrait of who Mapplethorpe was, and how his mind worked while doing his photography. Actor John Benjamin Hickey as the character Sam Wagstaff, is another well made performance from John ( who i especially remember from the Clint Eastwood film Flags Of Our Father ). Sam is the love of Mapplethorpe, and you can tell they had a Deep connection. Actress Marianne Rendón who plays the character Patti Smith, bring a strong female character into the plot. The scenes where Mapplethorpe and Patti spend time together, living in their own art world looks beautiful. I did not know much about the work of Mapplethorpe before watching this film. But i get a feeling that he must have made a huge impact, both on photography and on the lives of homosexuals. It becomes very clear that he wanted to share his view on the world, where he wanted to show what he felt was important to show from his own art. Mapplethorpe is a great drama film, that dares to show the dirty mind of Mapplethorpe. The pictures may be raw, but a film like this needed that tone to work, including the sex scenes. I would have liked to see more of his dark personal issues, but can´t complain otherwise. Director Ondi Timoner have made a very interesting portrait of an icon, that should be remembered. If you love biogrophical films, you should see Mapplethorpe and learn about his impact on the world of art. Provoking and scandalous ? Indeed, but for a very important reason.

Rating: DDD

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