tisdag 6 augusti 2019

I´ll Take Your Dead

We all die at some point, no matter if it is a disease or natural causes. Since i have worked 20 years in health care, i have seen people died. I remember the first time i saw an old person die, it felt strange to see in front of you. I was about 22 years old, and this old person could not be saved. When you know you have done everything you can possibly do, you don´t feel any guilt. We knew this person was going to die eventually, not just that specific day. But the family really appreciated everything we did for their loved one, and i am happy that they knew we did everything we could possibly do. Dead bodies in horror films is seen quite often, in many different ways. Since there are so many titles to choose between, i decided to talk about one specific film that keeps coming back to my mind as a personal favourite. The 2016 horror film known as The Autopsy Of Jane Doe, turned out to be one of the best horror films of this year. Directed by André Ovredal. this film tells the story of a father and a son, who are both coroners and help Police solve death casuses with bodies. They get a fresh female body, that turns out to be very unique. Her death is very different from other bodies, and as the coroners seach for the truth, they will find out that there is so much more to the truth than they thought. The Autopsy Of Jane Doe does not only look fantastic from a film maker´s perspective, the story is so well told that you will be hooked up from start to finish. I suggest you pick up this film on DVD or Blu Ray, and see a horror film that is filled with high quality substance. Recently i was going through a list of DVD and Blu Ray releases, that i have not checked out yet. I came across the title I´ll Take Your Dead, a film that seemed to have a different plot. Is this a horror film that is much better than i expected, or is I´ll Take Your Dead another horror film that will most likely be forgotten ?

Farmer William ( Aidan Devine ) makes a living disposing of bodies. He is well respected by criminals, and always trust he will make sure no bodies will be found. William lives alone with his young daughter Gloria ( Ava Preston ), since he lost his wife in cancer. When a new delivery of three bodies, William begin to dispose them, but it turns out one of them named Jackie ( Jess Salgueiro ) is still alive. William have never experienced this before, so he must make a choice. Will he let her live, or will he have to actually kill a human for the very first time?

If you have been looking for a great horror film to check out on DVD or Blu Ray, look no further. I´ll Take Your Dead is a tasetful treat for horror fans, especially if you appreciate independent films that both looks great and includes great acting. What makes this film different from horror films released recently, is that there is actually a clever plot here. What if you burn bodies for money, but one body is actually alive. What do you do, kill the person, or just lock that person inside your home ? This is something the character William is forced to deal with. Let´s get into the acting for a bit. British actor Aidan Devine ( who you might remember from the films A History Of Violence and of course Outlander ) as the butcher William, may be very brutal. But you can tell that he does have a good heart, and does not enjoy cutting bodies apart. Aidan Devine manage to make his character very interesting, and give him a deep personality filled with pain. The strongest performance in this film comes from child actress Ava Preston ( who you might recognize from Shazam! ) as the character Gloria. Ava really goes all in for her character, and i must say i am impressed how powerful her performance is. Actor Ari Miller ( who did a great performance in the TV series Orphan Black ) plays the heartless criminal Reggie. It becomes very clear that this is a character who has no remorse, and will do anything to finish his job. Ari give us a character that you guaranteed will dislike, for his selfish attitude. There are some odd scenes, where it seems dead people are walking around the old house. When you think about it, this actually makes sense. These people were perhaps killed before coming to this house, but this is their final location being burned. These spirits are probably filled with anger, being dumped like they were. The practical effects looks great, especially when the bodies are sawed into pieces. I´ll Take Your Dead is a positive surprise for me. Director Chad Archibald ( who directed the well made independent film The Heretics ) have made his best film so far with I´ll Take Your Dead. He clearly wanted to tell a story that could affect you, and make you think about what you would do in a situation like this ? This is a film that has so much more to tell, than most horror stories released recently. And this is why you should pick up a DVD or Blu Ray copy of I´ll Take Your Dead, so you know you get a great horror film. 

Rating: DDD

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