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Denmark is a country filled with a lot of treats. Not only do they have some of the best meat dishes, they make a lot of great beer, have some of the best beaches in all of Scandinavia and their villages are really cozy. I have been here many times, and i keep coming back for holidays. I would have to say that i also enjoy the danish lifestyle, don´t make things too complicated and enjoy life. If you enjoy lap dances, they do have some good strip clubs in Copenhagen to visit ( don´t remember the club names though, maybe i was a bit drunk ). When it comes to Danish films, we have a lot of really good ones to choose between ( they make a lot better films than Swedish, trust me ). But let´s talk about two specific films that i feel you should see, if you have not yet. The 2009 film known as Fri Os Fra Det Onde ( Deliver Us From Evil ) is a Danish thriller from director Ole Bornedal. This is a very well made thriller, that tells the story of couple Johannes ( played by actor Lasse Rimmer ) and Pernille ( played by actress Lene Nyström ) who travel to Johanne´s howtown with their two children, to get away from the big city life. But a road accident will change everything. This is a really well made psychological thriller, that has some really good performances included. My next pick is perhaps one of the best Danish films ever made, known as The Hunt ( Jagten ), released in 2012. This is a very tragic story of an kindergarten teacher Lucas ( brilliant played by actor Mad Mikkelsen ) who is falsely accused of child molestation. Will he be able to come back into society after being accused of this horrible crime? The Hunt is a very emotional film, that will affect you. Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, this is a film everyone should see. While going through titles on VOD, i came across a new Danish film called Cutterhead. Since i never heard about this film, i felt it would be interesting to give this film a try. A claustrophobic thriller underneath the ground, is this the best Danish film in years, or should you avoid Cutterhead and see something more interesting than this title ?

PR specialist Rie ( Christine Sonderris ) is on a visit to a construction spot of the Copenhagen Metro. She is interviewing specialist who are working on a tunnel-boring machine, while with them underground. She asks questions to workers Ivo ( Kresimir Mikic ) and Bharan ( Samson Semere ) while she is given a chance to see what they do. When a fire suddenly spreads underneath ground, Rie is locked inside an airlock. Ivo and Bharan is also in a near by chamber, and Rie manage to get inside where Ivo and Bharan is located. 3 people running out of oxygen, and no one knows if the fire is still active. They have to find a way to get out, but there are many risks if they don´t do this correctly.

If you don´t like claustrophobic films, then you are not going to enjoy Cutterheard. But if you do, then i think you might find something interesting here. This is a really well made Danish film, that manage to make you feel the claustrophobic feeling, when you see three people trying to survive deep underneath the ground. The locations where this film was filmed looks really realistic, and it feels like you are there with them in this claustrophobic situation. Cutterhead is one of those films that don´t rely on special effects. This film takes itself serious instead, and try to show us what could happen if you are forced to try and survive with almost no oxygen. Let´s get into the characters. Actress Christine Sonderris ( known from Netflix series The Rain ) does the strongest performance in this film as the character Rie. The scenes where you see her panic, you can tell Christine tries to give us a realistic portrait of a person who is going through. Actor Kresimir Mikic as the character Ivo, is a character who clearly is trying to be logical, at the same time as he is struggling to think of what to do in this situation. Kresimir gives a performance that fits really well with the character. Actor Samson Semere as the character Bharan is the young man who clearly is most emotionally vulnerable. The best part of Cutterhead is to see how far we would go to survive. And this film does not need any blood or violence to show that, there are other ways that this film manage to show that. I also feel that the acting is strong, and this helps the situation feel more realistic. Cutterhead is a suprise to me, i did not know what to expect. Im happy to see a film that stands out from most thrillers these days, trying to tell a realistic story. Director Rasmus Kloster Bro have made a full feature directorial debut film with Cutterhead that leaves an impact, and i look forward to see his next film. This is a good choice for a VOD night.

Rating: DDD

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