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Zombie Tidal Wave

There are some directors who can change your life, in a very unexcpected way. What do i mean by that ? Well, there are directors that this world needs, to make this world a more beautiful place. You might think i am thinking about legendary directors like Steven Speilberg or George Lucas. Of course they have delivered some great classics, but that´s not who i had in my mind right now. There is one man who had a vision, to change everything we thought would be impossible. You see, in 2013 my life changed completely, thanks to director Anthony C. Ferrante with Sharknado. This was the first time in my life where i understood why we all should love each other more. Sharknado brought out the male emotions i never thought existed, but Anthony C. Ferrante knew how to make that possible. Sharknado became a cult classic, and he directed all 6 films in this franchise. Every time a new Sharknado film came out, it was like falling in love all over again, i just wanted more. I don´t know how Anthony knew, but somehow he felt that actor Ian Ziering and actress Tara Reid would be a perfect match for the Sharknado franchise. 6 films, with a hell of a lot of fantastic cameos, and it was time to end the Sharknado series. On the final film i remember i cried, i would miss Finn and April more than anything, i needed their fantastic acting. After some time i started hoping that maybe...just maybe we would see them return in another kind of film. So when i found out that a new film was coming from director Anthony C. Ferrante, and have actor Ian Ziering in the lead role again ( as another character ) i was jumping of joy. The title turned out to be Zombie Tidal Wave, and the trailer looked amazing. With the same director and lead actor from Sharknado working together again, in a completely different film, will we have the same magic as before or is Zombie Tidal Wave their first failure ?

Hunter Shaw ( Ian Ziering ) spots something strange is going on in the ocean, as the woman Jada McCray ( Eliza D´Souza ) is attacked by a living dead from the ocean. Her husband Ray McCray ( Shelton Jovilette ) tries to save her but without any luck. But their biggest problem is about to come. A huge tsunami wave of zombies is heading towards land, and no one knows where this tsunami wave came from. Now, they must find a way to stop the living dead.

You remember that feeling you had the first time you felt watching the Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant film Notting Hill back in 1999 ? That feeling is exactly the same that you will get with Zombie Tidal Wave. You just want to cuddle up next to Hugh Grants chest, and dream away ( not talking about myself, a cousin of mine ). If you thought the zombie genre is completely run out of steam, think again. This is a love letter to all B movie lovers who loves zombies, and loves to see Ian Ziering kick zombie ass. When you see the zombie tsunami ( or zombie tidal wave, depending on who you ask ), you know this is going to be fun. The zombies comes in all shapes and sizes, and the same goes with the zombie make up ( some look ok while some look a bit cheesy ). Let´s get into the characters. Actor Ian Ziering plays the character Hunter Shaw, who reminds me of his character of Fin in Sharknado. There are a few differences of course, but you can´t help being reminded of his classic character. Australian actress Cheree Cassidy ( who some of you might have seen in TV series Home And Away ) plays Kenzie Wright. It is nice to see her in a zombie film, compared to her previous TV characters. Actor Shelton Jovilette as Ray McCRay brings the comedy highlights into Zombie Tidal Wave. The plot is very simple, but works thanks to the cast and the zombie performances. One of the highlights of this film is the zombie kills with a weapon that looks similar to a machete, but has electricity connected into the sword. This is where the fun kills gets going, when Ian Ziering strikes back with his electric sword. There are 2 details i would have liked to see more in this film, another big zombie tsunami, and some unexpected cameo from a famous actor. Other than that i am pleased with this film. Zombie Tidal Wave is a great start ( hopefully to a new franchise ) and this will guaranteed be enjoyed by zombie fans. Director Anthony C. Ferrante knows exactly how to deliver solid entertainment, and i think this should be his ticket to a Nobel Prize nominee. There is no doubt, Zombie Tidal Wave will make couples want to make babies more than ever before, i guess tsunamis and zombies combined is all you need to spice things up in the bed room.

Rating: DDD

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