lördag 17 augusti 2019

A Movie Review Request From Actress Dillyn Fawn Harvey

Cheers everyone!

Summer is coming to an end in Sweden, now its 200 days of snow, ice, avalanches, and no sun for a hell of a long time. So i need to get to my palm trees, to feel normal again. Until then, i have a lot of reviews coming this autumn. Now, when ever i get a movie review request, i always make sure i try and review the requested movie. This time i was asked from wonderful Clownado actress Dilynn Fawn Harvey if i could write a review of the film Sleepless Nights. Its not everyday you get a movie review request from a professional actress, so i feel really honored. 

Im hoping to see this film in September, and review the film the same month. So thank you Dilynn Fawn Harvey for your request, and i will have new movie reviews posted soon. Have a great weekend and have fun. 

Cheers from Daniel!

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