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Social media is a big part of our lives. No matter if we are sitting on a train, bus, or just walking around town, you see people constantly watching vloggers. A lot of people love to looking at vloggers, and see what they do every day. I have tried to check some vloggers out, and i have to say this is probably not my thing. Well, except for one vlog video of vlogger Shay Carl did a video called I´m Sorry, where he did a video to make everyone feel sorry for him cheating on his wife. Now, the only enjoyable thing i had with this video was that it was the worst acting i have seen in a long time. Almost as bad as the acting in the film The Trump Prophecy ( a film you should see if you want to experience worst movie of last year ). Now, i know Shay Carl is very popular, and he probably will be for a very long time. But the I´m Sorry vlog video proves, he should not do any acting in a drama movie in the future. Found footage films can be found in many different shapes and in different genres. But most found footage films are usually made in the horror genre. I could easily talk about some good found footage horror films, but i decided to focus on one specific title. The 2013 found footage horror movie known as Afflicted, is actually one of my favourite found footage horror films. This is a very well made film, that tells the story of Derek and Clif, two friends who go out on a European trip to have fun and document their travelling by filming their journey. Of course something goes really bad, when Derek is suddenly becoming ill and his behavior is changing unexpected. Afflicted is not only technially really well made, but use the found footage genre in a very effective way. If you have not seen this film, you should pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray. I don´t see that many found footage horror films anymore, as i used to back in the past. You could say that this genre is not as popular as it used to be. But i came across a title known as #Followme, that seemed interesting on VOD. A found footage horror film about three women on vacation, what could possibly go wrong ? Do we finally have a good horror film in this genre, or should film makers stop doing found footage films and focus on quality films instead?

Three British female friends from London, Sophie ( Kara Kingsward-Hughes ), Jessica ( Scarlett Davies ) and Lisa ( Maria Loius ) are all travelling to America, where Sophie is filming everything for her vlogging channel. Their mission is to have fun, and experience American culture and meet new people. As their journey is filled with crazy moments, something is about to change their trip soon. It seems as if someone is following them, and no one knows why. As they go further along their trip, all hell is about to break loose.

My expectations for #Followme were not that high, since this seemed to be another found footage horror film that would not be different from most releases. And in some ways this is true, but there is also something positive to say about #Followme. You see, this film actually have some fun characters, compared to some found fottage horror films. In most films in this genre, you care more about the scary parts. In #Followme it becomes clear that they actually tried to make the 3 main characters, potraying young women who are enjoying their lives. And the vlogging parts of this film actually works with the plot ( not all the time, but for the most part ). So doing this found footage horror film from a vlogger perspective is actually not a bad idea, since vlogging is very popular. Let´s talk about the characters. Actress Kara Kingsward-Hughes plays the vlogging character Sophie. The thing i like about her character is that she seems to be ready for an adult life, while her two best friends are still living it out. Actors Scarlett Davies and Maria Louis as characters Jessica and Lisa are clearly wild girls, and their personalities match for this kind of found footage film. Everything starts off pretty basic, until we get to follow the girls on their journey to America. The film becomes more interesting when they are followed by someone mysterious, leaving notes along their way. And when you realize that there is a serial killer out there, this film manage to find a fascinating story. The ending is actually the best part of this film, really brutal ( and i wish there would have been more brutality earlier in the film ). My only problem with #Followme is that the horror elements are perhaps not that strong, with such a brutal ending. If they would have been more sadistic earlier in the film, i think it would have helped the film from a found footage perspective. Director Sam Hardy ( who also plays one of the characters in this film known as Jake ) have made a good directorial debut film, especially in the found footage genre. #Followme is not one of the better found footage horror films i have seen, but surprisingly good. If you enjoy this genre, i suggest you check this film out. I also heard there is a sequel coming, let´s hope it will be more brutal and deliver us some surprises.

Rating: DDD

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