onsdag 26 maj 2021

35 Years Anniversary Review Of Big Trouble In Little China

If you were a teenager like myself, the 80´s was a very unique time. Not just because of the fashion, the music, and all the fantastic comic books that came out during that time. But especially for the films that the 80´s had to offer, with some very crazy combinations. No matter if you enjoyed horror, action, sci fi or comedy, the 80´s always found a way to combine all genres into one film. There are dozen of titles i could easily mention, but let´s give you a perfect example of how you combine horror, sci fi and comedy. And that we could find in the 1986 film Critters. Directed by Stephen Herek ( who is also the director of the classic comedy Bill & Ted´s Excellent Adventure ), this film tells the story of the Brown family, who live on a farm in Kansas. Creatures known as Critters crash land on the Brown´s farm, and their small community is now in danger, with these flesh eating creatures. Critters combine a fun sci fi story with monster horror films of the past. I would probably say that Critters is clearly inspired by Gremlins, but definetely stands out thanks to the creature design. I have to mention that one of the characters in this first film, and that is the character Charlie McFadden ( played by actor Don Keith Opper ). He is seen as the weird one in town, because he believe in alien abductions. Actor Don Keith Opper actually manage to balance this character in a way that works, as he looks like a small town local boy who lives in his own small world. Of course i have to mention legendary actress Dee Wallace, who gives one of the best acting performances in this film as Helen Brown. If you have not seen the original Critters film, go pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray, definetely worth checking out. Speaking of crazy combinations, how many of you have seen the classics of legendary director John Carpenter? There are so many great films that he have made, such as Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York, The Thing, They Live and many more. And one of his craziest films has to be Big Trouble In Little China, a film that actually turns 35 years old this year. I decided to go back and do a review of this 35th year celebration to see, is this still a damn funny film, or has this film aged a lot in recent years?

Jack Burton ( Kurt Russel ) is a hard working, loud mouth truck driver, wins a bet with his best friend Wang Chi ( Dennis Dun ). To make sure he follows through on payment, Jack accompanies him to the airport to pick up Wang´s Chinese fiancée Miao Yin ( Suzee Pai ), where Chinese street gang, Lords Of Death, tries to kidnap another Chinese girl. She is being met by her friend Gracie Law ( Kim Cattrall ). After Jack intervenes, they take Miao Yin instead. Jack and Wang track the Lords Of Death to Chinatown, and this ordinary work day for Jack, will never be the same again.

If you are looking for a serious film, and think you will find it with Big Trouble In Little China, then i can tell you right now that you might as well hit the road. This is a film you go into just to have fun, because this is a film that combine so many crazy ideas, that i guarantee you will have a really good time. Not only because of all the crazy characters that this film have, but this film have some really fun special effects that really shows the glory period of the 80´s. The main character Jack Burton ( played so fantastic by legendary actor Kurt Russel ) is one of the most iconic characters in the film history of director John Carpenter´s films. Kurt Russel knows exactly how to portrait a truck driver, who have no problem crashing a party in his own uique way. I have to say that a lot of the magic that Kurt Russel brings to the screen with this film, is the way he delivers his dialogue. It´s fast, it´s loud and the timing could not be better, and this is one of the reasons why i think Kurt Russel proved why he is perfect for the role of Jack Burton. Actor Dennis Dun ( who can also ben seen in the John Carpenter horror film Prince Of Darkness ), deliver a great character as Wang Chi, Jack´s best friend. I have to say that the chemistry between Kurt Russel and Dennis Dun is a great match, and you can tell they had fun while making this film. Legendary actor James Hong ( who have been in many classics, such as Cannon Films cult film Ninja III: The Domination and of course Blade Runner ) plays the character David Lo Pan, is a perfect match for a film like this. I have to mention legendary actor Victor Wong ( who is will always cherish for many of his characters, may he rest in peace ) who plays the character Egg Shen. Victor have no problem delivering a character you enjoy right from the start. Legendary actress Kim Cattrall does not only look fantastic, she also deliver a performance that match well with her character Gracie Law. The action scenes in Big Trouble Of Little China is filled with martial arts, violence and even some magic as well. And it is this combination that makes this film stand out from the ordinary action comedy, becuase director John Carpenter really tried to combine a lot of ideas together, with a very positive result. And if you are a big fan of martial art films ( such as myself ), there is plenty of scenes for you to enjoy in this film. Director John Carpenter clearly proved with Big Trouble In Little China that you can make an action comedy without following the traditional Hollywood pattern, and just have fun instead. This is one of the best roller coaster rides you can find from the 80´s, if you just want to have some good laughs. Big Trouble In Little China may not be my favourite John Carpenter film ( my personal favourite is The Thing ), but i definetely think this is one of the best action comedies of the 80´s. This film have something for everyone, and will guaranteed entertain audiences for many centuries ahead. Big Trouble In Little China is must have on DVD and Blu Ray, right next to all the great film classics.

Rating: DDDD

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